Choosing Aloha Construction For Home Projects

If you’re living in Illinois and need home remodeling work to be done, there is no better company than Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction has been around for well over a decade, and they work diligently to ensure that homeowners are satisfied with the work being done. Because of their dedication within the field, Aloha Construction has been awarded several recognition plaques by their community as the most outstanding construction company available. Aloha Construction is also fully licensed and insured in everything that they do, so you can feel confident that the work is being done by qualified professionals.

Aloha Construction offers number of services that will complement your home’s needs as well as your budget. They can do roofing, siding, new window installation and full home inspections. If you need remodeling done within the home itself, you can have this done by the pros of Aloha Construction. Their free inspections are offered for free, allowing homeowners the ability to find out what is wrong first before committing to hiring the experts themselves. This will save you tons of time, money and hassle because the inspection is still being done professionally but without the hefty cost involved.

This company is based in Illinois ans has two separate offices for the convenience of their clients. If you would like to work with them on an upcoming project, be sure to contact one of their offices for a free quote. They will be more than happy to come to your home to do a full assessment and give you information on how much it is going to cost you to have the work done. This is essential for homeowners who want to know that they have a clean, safe and structurally sound property that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re currently a homeowner in need of minor work, someone looking to buy property or a homeowner who recently dealt with a storm, the professionals are there to take the guesswork out of home based projects for you so that you can feel confident knowing that the job has been completed by experts.

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How Tony Petrello Used Nabors Industries’ Goodwill During Hurricane Harvey

The Nabors Industries has been an important part of Houston for quite some time. The company focuses on drilling, but it has happily employed many professionals within the community and only wishes to help more. It has become an ideal place to work for many employees under Tony Petrello’s guidance. Tony Petrello is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and the man who has helped the company offer some of its most popular programs, such as an in-house gym where employees can engage in self-care. The company also offers a BBQ pit where all employees can gather, eat, and enjoy each others company. There is no doubt that camaraderie is being nurtured by Tony Petrello and everyone within the Nabors Industries.

The company faced something quite terrifying in 2017, along with many other Texans, when Hurricane Harvey hit communities. The streets were flooded, and the people were left feeling helpless. Homes were destroyed, and businesses were ruined. Some people feared for their lives and feared for the safety of their families. It was truly a moment in human history that will be remembered and mourned.

The aftermath was nothing short of tragic and one where people bonded together. Everyone was helping in anyway they could, and this includes the Nabors Industries. This company has been attempting to show its employees how to care for one another, so naturally it spilled over outside its walls. Before Harvey, the company’s employees were sometimes seen helping with community projects, and at other times Tony Petrello helped by donating to a particular cause that would help Houston grow.

After Harvey, things turned dire, and the people in this company had to take drastic measures. Tony Petrello gave all of his employees paid leave. This allowed them to help the city. Their expertise and training proved quite helpful to the Gulf Coast but others stayed behind. The company opened its doors to the people and offered their large kitchen to feed those who needed to be fed. The cooking staff cooked large meals and fed people three meals each day. People within the community were definitely grateful.

Some of the company’s employees affected by Hurricane Harvey directly, which is something the good people behind this company knew. The camaraderie that Tony Petrello helped nurture made these trying times a little easier. Knowing that they work in a place that cares and understands them makes Nabors Industries a great place to grow. The people who work there have known this for a while, and the people who the company helped know it now.

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Mark Mofid Is A Plastic Surgeon And Reconstruction Specialist Who Treats His Patients With Compassion

Mark Mofid is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery to practice in La Jolla and San Diego. His patients rate his skills extremely high and have been appreciative of the attentiveness and care he has spent with them in order to give them the natural-looking results they desire. As a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery expert, Dr. Mark Mofid has committed himself to keeping the highest standards and using cutting edge, modern reconstructive and aethetic procedures that provide the outcomes his patients want.

What so many people love about Mark Mofid, is the fact that his staff and himself always make them feel at home. The experience the doctor looks to provide is one that is marked with compassion and conscientiousness, and him and his staff provide this experience from the start to the recovery period. Before he suggests a treatment plan, Mark Mofid always provides a consultation where he conducts a thorough evaluation seeking to discover the unique goals and concerns of each individual patient. This means that the process won’t be rushed and that patients can look forward to receiving precisely what they need.

Mark Mofid attended Harvard University and earned an undergraduate degree magna cum laude while there. He also studied at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he received his medical degree and trained in plastic surgery and general surgery. Along with being a clinical faculty member at the University of California, San Diego’s Division of Plastic Surgery, he is also a staff surgeon at a spread of hospitals in La Jolla and San Diego. On top of this, he serves as a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and also offers reconstructive surgery, which includes facial injury repair post-trauma, facial reconstruction following skin cancer removal, and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Mark Mofid has published work in the nationally recognized journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, related to facial and breast surgery, and he has been a featured speaker at a spread of medical conferences that have taken place all over the globe.

David McDonald: Three Decades Of Excellence At The OSI Group

The president and COO of global food industry giant the OSI Group is Iowa native David McDonald. McDonald has been with the company since he graduated from Iowa State University in 1987. During the 30 years he has been with the company, McDonald has played a very important role in improving the sustainability of the OSI Group. His background in biology, agriculture and animal science and effectiveness as a leader has helped the company create a wider range of high quality products, successfully expand into new markets and keep their employees happy. The OSI Group has thrived during the time he’s been there.

David McDonald is a proud graduate of Iowa State University. An excellent student, McDonald received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. In 2004, the ISU Alumni Association gave McDonald their Young Alumni Award. He is also very active in providing support for Alpha Gamma Rho, the fraternity to which he belonged while at Iowa State University. David McDonald’s two oldest children are students at ISU and he’s involved the school’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. McDonald also arranged for ISU students to visit OSI’s facilities in China in 2011. OSI Group hired one of them and signaled future internship opportunities are possible.

His international business experience and knowledge of the food services industry played a role in David McDonald being appointed chairman of the North American Meat Institute board of directors. He is also a Marfrig Global Foods S.A. director and holds a leading executive position with OSI Industries LLC which operates in Australia. David McDonald’s success has long been rooted in his ability to help the companies with which he works create valuable business partnerships.

David McDonald was initially hired by the OSI Group as a project manager. Since then he’s received several major promotions. Currently is the company’s chief operating officer and president. McDonald works with the OSI Group’s logistics team to consistently maintain a smooth flow in a constantly evolving international market by working with local marketers very closely. He played a major role in establishing 10 poultry handling facilities in China. David McDonald spends a great deal of time handling infrastructure and technical issues with suppliers and government agencies for the OSI Group’s 70 facilities in 17 countries.

David McDonald is important to the OSI Group’s success because of his experience with strategic planning, supply chain and inventory management process improvement and marketing strategy.

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George Soros Sets Record With $18 Billion Transfer To Open Society Foundation

George Soros is one of the richest personalities not only in the U.S but the entire world. He is a U.S-Hungarian businessman and investor. Soros is a renowned philanthropist and has since donated over $32 billion to his Open Society Foundations across the world. Besides that, he is the founder and major financier of the Central European University in Budapest. The University sponsors bright and needy students to study social sciences. It is one of the leading centers for the study of social sciences in the region.

Open Society was founded 30 years ago by George Soros. The society currently operates in more than 120 countries across the globe. Its main objective is to promote democracy and open governance. Recently, Soros donated a whopping $18 billion to the foundation making history as one of the biggest donation ever made by a private individual for charity. The donation made Open Society the second largest charity organization after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

George Soros through his Open Society Foundations has supported both organizations and individuals, who fight for accountability of their government, freedom of expression, and justice and equality in their countries. Besides, the Open Society Foundations also support students from needy families who would like to further their education but are not able to do so because of financial constraints. The organization in the recent years has concentrated its efforts in promoting gay and lesbian rights within United States.

George Soros began his Philanthropic work back in 1979, by offering scholarships to specifically black South African students during the apartheid regime. He also promoted the exchange of ideas in Hungary in 1980’s by sponsoring academic trips to the west. It was after the collapse of the Berlin wall that he decided to open the Central European University for the purposes of fostering critical thinking. Since then the University has become the center of education for students all over the world. Most students are admitted on the partial or full scholarship program.

It is also important to note that George Soros has been one of the biggest donors of the Democrats. He has sponsored presidential campaigns for several candidates including Mrs. Clinton, something which has put him and his Foundation at the center of criticism by the Republicans. Previously, Mr. Soros used to make annual donations of between $800 and $900 million. However, he has since increased up to $18 billion this year.

In a nutshell, George Soros has spent most of his life advocating for justice and equality across societies in the world. He has worked and continues to work with non-governmental organizations as well as civil rights activist to advocate for people’s rights. As a philanthropist, Soros’ main objective has been to solve the world’s pertinent problems. He has helped to educate thousands of students across the world and at the same time promoting justice and equality in various countries. His legacy as a philanthropist is unmatched. He has been a blessing to many souls.

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The Journey of Success of Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is the current Business Manager of Law Enforcement. In this position, his primary duties include providing quality product training to more than 150 sales agents and selecting products for sales and development. As a contractor of the defense department, Ronald got a chance to work for Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization abbreviated as JIEDDO. His primary responsibilities consisted setting of infantry processes in the battlefields. He also offers advice to U.S. personnel in strategic operations, after-blast examinations, CQB and rescuing of people held hostage, collecting evidence and strategically interviewing of persons that get detained.


Ronald has more than thirteen excellent years of skill or experience in the law enforcement department. During that period, he worked for ten years in the police department of St. Louis Metropolitan and three years in the Police Department of St. Louis County. Ronald has worked for seven more years in the HRT Team of St Louis Metropolitans. In this team (HRT Team) he worked diligently until finally, he got the chance to became the team’s front-runner. In his position as the team leader, Ronald got certified as an instructor in the shoot house, handling of a tactical rifle, defensive tactics and URBAN/SWAT warfare strategies. Some of the responsibilities of the team include initiating an investigation in gang activities when a unit is not deployed strategically and investigating cases of unlawful possession of guns and cases of trafficking of illegal narcotic products in the city.


In 1989-1993 Ronald served in the Marine Corps of the United States. As he served, he was upgraded twice until he emerged as a veteran of the First Gulf War. Ronald has also undergone substantial pieces of training. For instance, at the Marine Corps Infantry, he was couched in the Marine Combat Training and a basic course in engineering. He also attended a parachute course in the U.S Army Parachute school and later advanced in the Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia. As he served in the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO), Ronald conducted some parachute operations such as reconnaissance, gunfire in the air and water missions using both the encoded and non-decoded radios and using a laser designator.


Ronald is a passionate fan of hockey. It is due to this passion that he is involved in the coaching of many youths in the game. Recently, Ronald published an article titled Amazing Twist which describes the South and the North Korea joint entry in the Olympic team for women’s hockey. In this article, he points out that it was an unpredicted surprise due to the current tension between the two states. Although it was a surprise, Ronald, says that many people around the globe take it optimistically as an opportunity to bring down the tension between the two countries. He also says that through the joint entry, it will be a chance for women’s hockey to get its deserved international attention.


Witney Wolfe Herd Leads The Pack

Whitney Wolfe Herd is all about knowing when, where, how and why to pull the trigger and close the deal in multimillion dollar transactions. That is to say that she knows the right way to get things done in trade and commerce on her own terms and without any unneeded worries from complicated relationships. It is kind of ironic that the technology based social platform in which her designs specialize does the exact same thing. This example of art imitating life is interesting to examine, and the details of her legacy deserve an enlightened look.

The broad strokes of her success story and overall victory is in her business baby named Bubble, which stands traditional dating strategies on their heads by putting women in positions of power and control. This business model, as a method of serving client needs, is proving most profitable and innovative indeed. In the few years since it origins, the little Bubble that could makes consistent progress toward establishing itself as a major player in the field. To put things simply, it is catching up to other “big brother” model posing as competition. It’s really a sign of the times that there are no “big sisters”, as they appear in the public eye, to catch up with.

Perhaps Bumble itself is the “big sister”, quickly approaching 100 million dollars in profits. This boost in value is attracting others and bringing offers to the table. The competition in the form of other popular sites are on the record for offering 450 million dollars for a buyout. The answer Herd gives for that past deal a is no. There is even talk of a second deal offered that amounts to one billion dollars. It gets the same answer.

The simple fact is there’s a whole lot of effort that has gone into Bumble, so it might not be the best idea for Whitney Wolfe Herd to sell at the moment. The effort referred to in the creation of this particular platform is fact that it happens to be her second time making a success out of the social network online dating phenomena. Her legacy includes teaming up with one of the top dogs at other platforms and now she is close to being on top of the market these days. Which is why for all intended purposes it looks as if she plans to hold on to as much of what belongs her as long as she can.

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Sheldon Lavin And TheTasy Foods That OSI Industries Has Produced

OSI Industries has provided restaurants and grocery stores with some of the tastiest prepared meat foods and entrees since becoming a globally-recognized brand. Their wide range of products and innovative productions have come under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has been with the company for more than four decades and has never wavered from quality of service or running this company with emphasis on family. He has been known to be very personable to his workers and even says he likes being called “Shelly” instead of “Mr. Lavin.” It’s been important to Lavin to make sure his employees are well taken care of and because everyone has the chance to earn promotions and move up the company ladder, OSI Industries has earned high reviews as a fantastic company to work for.

One reason why Sheldon Lavin has made the culture at OSI Industries important is because he saw how its founding family ran it and wanted to continue running it in the same manner even as it grew. The company was known as Otto & Sons when Lavin first heard about it, and he had been in investment banking and was now a consultant that helped investors and companies raise capital. He was asked to help them raise capital for a new plant they were building to supply products to McDonalds, and not long after he became a part-time financial officer for the company. Lavin was soon becoming so involved in the company that the owners of Otto & Sons wanted him to succeed them when they retired. Lavin didn’t want this at first because he had planned on staying in finance and consulting, but he was told that he could then manage and grow Otto & Sons as he saw fit upon gaining an ownership stake. So he was sold the shares of the company, and a few years later renamed it OSI Industries.

Sheldon Lavin grew OSI’s capabilities as McDonald’s grew, and starting with a 1978 investment in a Germany production plant, the company grew into 17 countries to this day. It recently bought Flagship Europe and Baho Food, and it was announced that a new plant was coming to the Philippines. Sheldon Lavin has won several awards for building OSI Industries including the Global Visionary award and the North American Meat Institute’s Edward Jones award for Community Service. Non-profits that Lavin works with include the Ronald McDonald House Charities and Boys and Girls Club of Chicago.

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Fighting Age Related Diseases just got Easier with Jason Hope

Research companies know they need funding to be successful in what they do. Without funding they will not be able to complete their mission. This is especially true for medical research organizations. Money is often necessary for hiring the right people for the job and for carrying out research processes. Materials, equipment and even keeping the lights on; all require the use of money. So, donations are essential for any research enterprise.

Companies and individuals who are extremely wealthy know that their money is vital to all of humanity. It is not that they are required to share their good fortune with others; it’s the fact that they do so in order to help people in life. Businesses and wealthy people are often counted on for philanthropic work. They make more than enough money to impact society. They often make huge donations to various charities. This is a great way for them to give back. Futurists Jason Hope is no different.

Jason Hope hails from the state of Arizona. He works in Scottsdale and is considered one of the nation’s leading minds in terms of business related technology. He understands how technology will impact society in the future. He is also an avid supporter of many different organizations. One of his most profound donations is the SENS or the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation.

SENS is an important non-profit research enterprise that is finding various solutions to regenerative medicine in its relation to aging. Jason Hope truly believes that SENS Foundation is on the right path with discovering new and improved ways of helping people to age at a slower pace. He also believes that this new medical science will reduce many of the problems that accompany being old.

Diseases, physical degradation and loss of mental capabilities will be significantly reduce with the use of this medical research. If SENS is successful, the average person will be able to take certain treatments to slow down the aging process and live longer, healthier and more successful lives. Since Hope is a very successful businessman, entrepreneur and investor; he really likes the potential this new medicine has to offer.

Jason Hope has donated millions of dollars to this cause because he stands behind it. He wants people to be successful and he realizes that reducing their age plays a critical part in this process. Jason Hope wants to continue to give money to this cause. He knows that one day, SENS will make a break through in this area of medical technology.

Life Line Screening and Excellent Lifestyle Adjustments

Cardiovascular diseases kills so many people in the United States on an yearly basis. It kills a shocking 600,000 American people annually. Studies show that heart disease involves roughly 25 percent of all fatalities. Cardiovascular disease kills countless women and men alike all of the time. It’s critical to note, too, that lifestyle problems may come into play. Lifestyle changes may be able to minimize deaths that stem from heart disease. Diet adjustments may be able to minimize them as well.

Preventative screenings may be part of lifestyle tweaks that can help people steer clear of the dangers of heart disease. These tests can be helpful for an array of reasons. They can narrow down potential issues in their earliest phases. They can do this prior to symptoms popping up. They can offer another invaluable advantage, too. These tests can encourage human beings to take health matters a lot more seriously. They can prompt them to adjust their lifestyles and behavioral patterns in order to strengthen wellness and perhaps even longevity. People who want to be alive and happy for as long as possible, because of that, may want to consider investing in regular preventative screening tests.

People frequently say that heart disease kills individuals in a quiet manner. It’s not unheard of for people to be 100 percent oblivious about the fact that they’re walking around with cardiovascular disease. This is troubling. People who have heart disease are in many cases devoid of problematic symptoms for a long while. That’s the reason cardiovascular disease can be so destructive at times. Some people who have heart disease and who are totally unaware of the fact experience catastrophic heart attacks. They sometimes die from these attacks, too. This sadly takes away the opportunity to make vital adjustments.

Life Line screening tests can assist people who want to be aware of health matters. People who receive screening tests often carefully ponder their existences. They frequently think about what they can do to make their time on this planet last a lot longer. This is precisely what makes them think twice about their daily diet plans. It makes them consider their lifestyles in general, too. Most people want to do anything they can to stay alive, healthy and lively for as long as possible. Life is a precious gem. Life Line screening tests can be gifts for people. They can function as wake-up calls as well.

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