Fabletics Takes the World By Storm with Help from Kate Hudson

To date there has been a limited number of companies out there that have been able to promote an item that is actually being used by the person endorsing it. There are a few celebrities out there who do use the item they are selling but that number is very small. For Kate Hudson, when she was approached about endorsing something, she knew it had to be something she would use herself. That is why Fabletics was the choice for her.


Kate Hudson knew nothing about business prior to becoming involved with Fabletics. When she was approached by TechStyle, she knew that it would be a huge success. Before then, all athletic wear that was on the market were dull, black or grey. There was no athletic wear that was on the market that was stylish. TechStyle knew that they wanted to change that and with Kate Hudson promoting it, the brand was bound to be successful.


When approached by the company, Kate knew that she needed a company who had experience in funding and that knew about the fashion world online. The company also needed to have resources which is why TechStyle was the best choice.


Kate Hudson is someone who is approachable. She is easy going and isn’t a serious individual. She likes to have fun but spends her time focused on the healthy lifestyle. She works out religiously and this makes the clothes that much more desirable. That is why the company is so well liked and at the top of the market for workout gear.


Fabletics offers its members the ability to take the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz is designed to help individuals learn what the best style is for their workout gear. The quiz is aimed to help people to choose the best outfit for them and to remember their choices for future orders. This allows people to keep track of the choices that they like and to order the same outfit more than once. A personal shopper is the next best thing to this quiz.


Now that Fabletics has taken off, the company has opened a number of retail stores but continues to make the sales through the use of online shops like Amazon. Online orders are where Fabletics sells the most however since the opening of their retail stores, more people are shopping for the workout gear. By being able to order online and shopping in stores, Fabletics is a major competitor for athletic wear.

Closure of live nation and rise of rock nation

Live Nation contract with Jay Z is approaching to a closing stage. Jay Z is now sounding out a new music industry bigwig . This new deal is in relation to compelling a part in his documented music alum in Roc Nation. In 2008 he signed a 10- year contract for Live Nation and the 360 agreement is up till next year. This could activate a situation where both side possibly will dispose their prize in Rock Nation for the additional or purchase the firm completely. Sources say that Live Nation would like to prolong the profitable contract with Jay Z but they are quitting from documented music side.  Check pagesix.com for related article.

A song insider assumed which the 360 contract with Jay Z would not be prolonged. The Insider added that the deal will be terminated regardless of Live Nation having credited into the artist privileges and documented music. This is because Live Nation was no longer in the trade of purchasing live music any longer. Some of Rock Nations artists include Fat Joe, Jay Z, Meek Mill, Rihanna, and Shakira. It is still reported that Jay Z still has a strong association with Live Nation which Live Nation would want to maintain. Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez and Jay Z and bumped into with Sir Grainge who is the CEO of Universal Music Group. This sparked speculations of UMG buying a proportion in Rock Nation. This would be more resourceful move to Jay Z on developing new artists. Additional article on igstars.com

Desiree Perez also known is Des Perez. Know her more, hop over to facebook.com.  She has been Jay Z’s associate for almost 20 years. She has a reliable track record of managing the SC Enterprise. She has demonstrated to be good at the job especially when it comes to crunching members. For Dez latest tweets, check twitter@desireeperez01.   She is a strong and fierce negotiator. She has played a part in negotiating the Beyoncé Formation stadium. Also, she was behind the Rihanna Samsung deal. She is part of a collective that runs the entire operation for Roc Nation. This collective behind Tidal and is called Hova Circle of Influence.  Head over to saltylens.com for more reading.

For update on Dez timeline activities, click  https://www.crunchbase.com/person/desiree-perez#/entity

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Hero

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – True Press
Grupo Televisa holds popularity in multiple countries around the nation through many forms, such as print, television and radio. In addition, popular social networks further promote the news spread through this special agency. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and others are just a few examples. The sky’s the limit, as they say, and the moon and the stars are never out of reach for the all that this company has done and continues to do for Mexico. It’s important to fight for your rights, whether you live in Mexico or not.

Whatever country you are a citizen of should be privileged to have you. You should continue to fight for its rights if you wish to dwell safely within it. Today’s current economic and social messes are wide disasters, such as those seen in Mexico, and they should only be stopped at the first opportunity according to esmas.com. It all begins with spreading the truth and letting people know how dangerous the situation really is. In Mexico, it involves many factors that are not only economical but social and physical as well: Drug trafficking, immigration and human rights stand among the top factors today.

Read more on cargos.axesor.es

Most media companies have taken advantage of their opportunity and spread further lies about how the situation really is in order to gain unfair advantages, which has only further ruined the country as a whole. We must thank God that organizations like Grupo Televisa exist, for without them, all may perhaps have been lost many years ago. If all companies were as good as this one, it would be a happy day indeed, so do not lose hope: Evil’s not the victor here.

There still a chance to save Mexico. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has said it many times in the last few days: It begins with personal integrity, which is always a matter of the heart. Morals and values always come from within. You must begin by determining what you believe, who and what you’ll stand for and what you have always fought for.

Learn more about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero: http://insiders.morningstar.com/trading/executive-profile.action?t=TV&PersonId=PS000044XG&flag=Directo​r

Jason Hope’s positive outlook on the Internet of Things

Engadget recently interviewed Jason Hope on what he thought of the Internet of Things. He had some interesting and positive ideas on how smart devices would help the world, and how major corporations could benefit from it. Jason Hope is very enthusiastic about smart devices and believes that it’s a great advancement to the tech industry. His articles about the Internet of Things are regarded as an authority in the field.

The Internet of Things refers to devices that are connected to the internet. This includes cars, kitchen appliances, electronic devices, and more. This is becoming a huge market and Jason Hope foresees that many of world’s big corporations will invest and sell these high tech products. This will all happen within the next couple of years and will be a fierce battle between companies to provide the most up to date technology that will run almost anything that a person can need including their coffee machine, lights, cars, and everything in between.

The Internet of Things will help eliminate waste and improve safety for everyone. This includes public transportation. This smart technology can monitor maintenance issues that occur and then they can be fixed. There would be less traffic congestion and pollution. Plus, less car accidents. The Internet of Things does not only benefit cities, but also rural areas. Emergency responses and GPS will work better by being more efficient and accurate, every day and every night. All these factors that internet connected technology provides certainly will improve everyone’s lives around the world.

Jason Hope is very passionate about philanthropy. It’s almost a second career for him. Jason works closely with a foundation called SENS. They take a different approach to anti-aging. SENS also works on preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease. This Arizona attended Arizona State University and received a degree in finance. He continued his education at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business and got his MBA there.

To know more visit @ www.investing.com/members/200946410


The U.S. Money Reserve Created New Features for Visitors

The main goal that the U.S. Money Reserve had with its new website is to encourage visitors to learn more about gold buying and be able to successfully buy the gold that they want to make the best purchases with.

The company set out with a goal of creating a better website for each of their customers and that has given them a chance to see that there is more to offer the community within the gold buying sector. The U.S. Money Reserve wants everyone to have a chance at making sure that they can get what they need from the site.

Out of the different opportunities that the site has, one of the most innovative is the convenient virtual tour option that they have for the people who visit the site. When anyone come to the U.S. Money Reserve site, they can get exactly what they need from it. For example, visitors can see exactly what they need to from the site. They can take a tour of the entire facility where the company operates from and that gives them a chance to truly enjoy all of the options that are in the site and within the facility.

Visitors can also learn more about the options that they have for gold buying. It is not something as simple as what most people think and visitors can see that there are many different options for gold buying. Even those who have never invested any money before can learn from the options that the U.S. Money Reserve has on gold buying education.

Those who visit the site can learn everything that they need to know about gold buying and they can even choose some of the best options that they have for that purpose. Depending on what each person plans on doing with their gold, the U.S. Money Reserve has options for them.

While the U.S. Money Reserve has a great site right now, that has not always been the case. Before they made the change to the new site that they have, they had one that was difficult to navigate and made it hard for people to be able to find exactly what they were looking for. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-launches-new-direct-response-television-show-featuring-moderator-larry-king-300335408.html

The company saw this as a problem and it made them want to make sure that they made the switch to a site that was perfectly optimized for everyone to be able to find what they needed on the site.

Renown to open new clinic

Renown Health is opening a new private family practice clinic in Summit Mall located in South Reno. This not-for-profit healthcare network is expanding their hold in Reno. Since they are a not-for-profit network, any earnings stay within the clinic and are reinvested into the medical practices. The new clinic in Summit mall will have primary care and lab services with plans to expand in the near future.

Dr. McCormack, medical director, explained in a recent interview that the clinic was designed to be comfortable and inviting. He wanted patients to feel like they were going into their own living room. They have plans to add other services and rooms, like a conference rooms for doctors to conference with patients. The Renown leadership is waiting to add services due to the potential impact of Donald Trump on the health care market. The clinic will have an original staff of 11 with the plans of adding one more primary care physician and one more nurse practitioner in the future.

The decision to add a clinic was made by Dr. McCormack based on the growing population of Truckee Meadows, improving economy, and increasing access to health care. All these factors help to increase the demand for a primary care clinic in the region. This network now includes over 12 primary care clinics in the Reno-Sparks, Carson City, and Fallon area.

Renown Health is a private, local not-for-profit healthcare network in the Reno area. They use the profits to reinvest in the community and their practice to better serve the local area. Their purpose is to serve the needs of their community. The dollars earned by Renown clinics stay in the area. They work hard to ensure that the money stays in the community. Over 150 members of the community serve on the board.

To know more visit @ https://www.linkedin.com/company/renown-health

Alexandre Gama and Maximum Creativity

Alexandre Gama is one of the most world renowned creative directors in the creative business. Gama has a background in copywriting and amongst his other accomplishments, he is considered one of the most awarded and most recognized copywriter of this generation. Alexandre Gama is from Brazil and started working with a company named Ogilvy and joined DM9 where he worked until 1994. Once he left, Gama became the president and member of Global Board at Y&R. It was said that he was the only person in his country to have two different communication disciplines while working in a creative career. Alexandre Gama started NEOGAMA in 1999 after leaving Y&R. Throughout the 15 years NEOGAMA, quickly became a major force in the creative industry. Over those 15 years, Gama was the leader of the most successful creative start up agency in the industry. Then in 2002, NEOGAMA joined with a company called BBH. BBH is a global creative agency that focusses a lot on digital media. Now with the companies together, Alexandre Gama, is the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of one of the world’s top creative companies. Over, Alexandre Gama, career he has won numerous awards and is one of the most awarded people in his field.

Link: http://aderwise.com/alexandre-gama



Todd Lubar’s Insights On How Entrepreneurs Can Succeed In Their Businesses

Unlike most people, Todd Lubar believes in building the software that he needs for his day-to-day activities. According to him, his custom made software is better than those used by other people since they work exactly how the entrepreneur needs them to work. Todd has a team of experienced and creative developers, who help him through the processes of customizing the software.

The founder of TDL Global Venture is also passionate about helping ordinary people to access the services and products that are reserved to the society’s elite. His experience in the financial and credit industry spans two decades. Over the years, he has studied how the industry works and noted down the barriers to success. Todd decided to quit employment and work on how the people could access loans. Through TDL global Venture, he managed to enable many individuals to secure loans and enhance their businesses. To know more visit Ideamensch.

Lubar starts his day by enjoying a cup of coffee with his children. After having breakfast, the entrepreneur checks various news websites and goes through his emails. He then works out before heading to the office.

Todd encourages entrepreneurs to develop the ability of bringing their ideas to life. According to Lubar, willingness enables ideas to bear fruits. He also notes that experience is important in determining whether a business will succeed or not. The executive attributes the success of TDL to his vast experience in real estate and mortgage banking. Entrepreneurs should surround themselves with the right people and develop the ability to make informed decisions. The investor stresses the need for investors to keep a keen eye on their investments and stay informed on current news.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a revered entrepreneur and financial expert. He is the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. The businessman has extensive experience in the real estate sector, entertainment, mortgage banking, and construction industries. His passion for helping people saw him devise innovative strategies that enabled people to access loans. Traditional lenders had set high requirements that made it difficult for ordinary people to comply with, thus hindering them from securing loans. By virtue of being in the industry for long, he has developed the ability to make informed decisions about loans. This way, he avoids bad debts. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Click here: https://www.google.com/search?q=todd+lubar&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS693US693&espv=2&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiaxufeoePSAhXLvrwKHRzJCD8QsAQINw

Securus Technologies: Winning Gold in Prison Tech

Securus Technologies should probably be known as Securus, Texas: founded in Dallas, but regional offices based in Carrollton, Allen, and an added bonus outside the Lone Star state in Atlanta, Georgia. The company does best what American prison systems sorely need: advanced prison technology. And it ensures it excels in creation investing more than “$600 million in technologies, patents and acquisitions” in a short amount of time…3 years!


I’m going to be bold and claim that Securus can and possibly will be the biggest provider of prison technology reputably for the entire country. Eventually it will need offices in multiple states, not simply alone in the Lone Star with distant operations in Atlanta. I don’t want to get too in over my head so soon, but…



Securus Wins a Gold Stevie


In a PR Newswire article the writer identifies Securus Technologies as a “leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring.”


It won a Gold Stevie Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category in the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. We should all know by now that what makes a great company is not just great products or services, but how those things solve problems for the consumer. The award should come as no surprise. Successful transactions of the prison technology and many acquisitions by Securus Tech is enough evidence that the sales force works hard to dominate in it’s industry.


To win a Gold Stevie is no easy feat; and the fact that Securus took it home in the 11th annual is a testament to their persistence for excellence. The Stevie Award article was written on March 8th, 2017. It will not be too long before Securus Tech becomes “the” number one provider and the “only” provider. If there is other competition in existence to rise in prison tech, then competitors success is bleak like an old man eyeing parole serving his last days in a life sentence.

Eric LefofskyAnd Tempus Help Cancer Patients

There are many parts to fighting cancer. One of the biggest parts of it is the actual fight. The medicines, the opportunities and even the surgeries that people need to go through to be able to get rid of cancer. All of these make it hard to deal with things but something that many people do not think about is the way that the person feels. Tempus is aiming to do that. Not only are they involved in cancer research to help make the disease more manageable and less fatal but they are also working to make sure that the people are able to get the help that they need from the different opportunities.

When it comes to Tempus, Eric Lefofsky knows that it is something that is close to his heart. His wife had cancer and he realized that it was something that could turn a person upside down. He also saw the direct effects that cancer has on a family unit. Eric wanted to make sure that nobody else had to deal with it in a way that others had to. He knew what it was like to do it comfortably and with money but he had no idea how hard it would be to do it without any money or a job to be able to help out.

Eric Lefofsky created Tempus in combination with an expert geneticist. Together, they worked to come up with options for people with cancer. Not only did they work to create medicinal opportunities and even alternative methods of taking care of it but they also worked to make sure that they were helping people who had cancer get the emotional care that they needed, too. It was a way for them to make a difference for those who suffered from cancer.