Why the Wen by Chaz Dean Hair Conditioner is Unique

There are many products in the market and choosing the best hair products can be overwhelming for someone who does not know what is good and what is not. Some hair products promise everything from silky hair to long and luscious hair but they fail to deliver on their promise. When you get a hair product that suits your hair and works best, you should consider sticking with it for the long haul.

One of the products which you should consider buying for your hair is Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner. The product is made with a five in one formula that helps your hair get cleaned without breaking it. The product has been used by many people, both men and women, who swear that it works like magic.

The Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner is not your regular conditioner. It comes with the benefits of a conditioner, shampoo and even styling treatment. All you have to do when using the product is to wet your hair and apply the recommended number of pumps. Some people find the recommended amount to be too much. On the contrary, it is just enough and the good news is that it will not leave your hair oily or greasy. Furthermore, you will not experience oil buildup when you use the product.

According to crunchbase.com, another advantage of using the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner is that it is made up of natural ingredients which are great for your hair and scalp. Unlike products that come with a lot of chemicals, this one makes use of the nutrients found in natural ingredients such as almonds and essential oils. These are beneficial in strengthening the hair and making it healthy without much work.

When you think of buying the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner, consider buying it from their official website or QVC.com.

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Honoring Those Who Help

There are few callings more important than that of law enforcement. Although they are not always respected by everyone, the work that they do is critical to allowing us all to live happier and safer lives. Of course, they do not do this work alone. There are plenty of companies and others who help them out along the way. Consider for example the company known as Securus Technologies.


Securus is great because they provide much of the technology that is used for monitoring within the prison walls. There are phone calls made every day from prison, and the officers need to be able to monitor what is being said on those calls. Cell phones and other devices are a very serious problem within prisons, and having a monitored phone system can help cut down on some of this problem.


When asked about how Securus has helped them out in their jobs personally, many officers were happy to share their stories. They told tales of being able to stop crimes in progress or even collect information about things that have already happened. This was only possible of course because they had the monitoring technology to back them up.


One law enforcement official even went so far as to credit Securus with helping to catch a corrupt member of law enforcement. Some wrong things were being said by the officer to others and this was all captured within the Securus system. As such, appropriate actions were able to be taken to stop future problems with this person.


These are just a few of the reasons why Securus is so important and deserving of our applause. They are still working to create even more technologies which may help officers even better into the future. Keep an eye out for what they will be rolling out in the future.


CTRMA’s Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein Offers Solutions to Help Transform Transportation Infrastructure in Williamson County

Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) continues to lead the agency by providing solutions to help transform the transportation infrastructure in Williamson County and Austin. As population continues to increase in the county and nearby areas, the agency and other organizations are continuously making efforts to address traffic and safety issues.

At the 19th Annual Williamson County Growth Summit, Mr. Heiligenstein served on the panel to discuss challenges of transportation. He talked about new technologies, increasing transportation capacity, and the growing population in suburban areas, including Williamson County.

During the summit,  Heiligenstein mentioned how ridesharing applications and driverless automobiles are contributing to transforming the infrastructure of transportation. Even with new technologies, he voiced concerns about the need for constructing more roads that are safer and smarter.

He said they must increase transportation capacity to meet the growing population demand in Williamson County and other suburbs. According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein also said the county had done magnificent works with its infrastructure structure over the last 15 years. He knows Williamson County and helped to expand its transportation infrastructure serving as an elected official for more than 20 years. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeheiligenstein

In 2003, Mike Heiligenstein joined Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as Executive Director and accomplished leading the agency from zero dollars in revenue to millions of dollars. The agency announced the management of a $1 billion program for toll road expansion, completion of Manor Expressway, and MoPac Expressway lanes implementation.

He has spent 14 years building the growth of CTRMA and overseeing its daily operations of toll roads in Austin and nearby suburban areas. In addition to the $1 billion program, the agency has plans for a $4 billion program in assets by the end of 2020, with expectations of revenue increasing to more than $136 million.

CTRMA was established in 2002 as an independent government agency serving Travis County and Williamson County to improves their transportation systems. The mission of the agency is to develop and implement innovative transportation solutions to benefit the growing population in Central Texas.

Mike Heiligenstein accomplishments comprise of successfully completing the development of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail and major parkland acquisitions. The University of Texas graduate presently serves on the Texas Transportation Institute Board, International Bridge Board, and the Tunnel & Turnpike Association Board.

Brazil Is One Of The Top Entrepreneurial Countries In The World

Brazil’s economy is getting better, even though economic growth is weak, a new government leader is changing fiscal policy, and commodity prices are still not what they should be. But Brazilians are a resilient group, and Startups are giving the economy a boost. A boost that few people in the antiquated government expected mentioned by LinkedIn. Thanks to new Internet companies and Brazilian consumers, Brazil is turning into an online shopping mecca. More than 4,000 Startups have inundated Brazil’s economic sectors over the last five years. More than 80 million Brazilians are connected to the Internet, and 43 million of them use a mobile device to connect to the Internet.

The number of new apps available in Brazil is turning Brazilians into online addicts who can’t get enough of what Startup companies are offering them, according to Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the Building material supplier, Eucatex. International investors are throwing money at Brazilian Startups and for good reason. There is money to be made in Brazil. A lot of money even though the interest rate is still 14.25 percent. Fundacity, a network of Startup investors, discovered that healthcare and education are the two sectors of the economy that interest investors the most. In 2015, investors backed 195 Startups in healthcare and education on eleicoesepolitica.com.

The investment in healthcare and education represents seven percent of the capital taken in by Startups in 2015, according to Maluf. There is enormous financial potential in Brazilian Startups, and Maluf knows first-hand how profitable Startups can be. Flavio Maluf invested in several Startups, and his company is reaping the rewards of the technology those companies offer. Eucatex is doing more business on the Internet, and the company is getting more exposure thanks to Internet Startups. Maluf knows the Internet and Startups that focused on new technology, digital marketing, customer service, and innovative advertising are the future.

Eucatex is a leader in the building material supply business. The Maluf family business is 65-years-old, and it is still breaking growth records, thanks to Flavio’s ascent to power in 1997. Brazil is one of the top entrepreneurial countries in the world, and Eucatex success and Maluf’s dedication are proof of that.

Source: http://www.segs.com.br/seguros/34138-saiba-com-flavio-maluf-como-diminuir-os-custos-tributarios-de-uma-empresa.html

Take A Step Towards Financial Freedom With Traveling Vineyard Wines

Launching a startup business can be an intimidating challenge. There are many obstacles that await those looking to go out on their own and make their vision a reality. Start up companies face unforeseen variables. It is impossible for a new entrepreneur to anticipate every situation that may arise. The cost of opening for business is compounded by the need for operating capital. There is a thin line between the money that is on hand and the money needed for day to day activities. This is normally where most new enterprises fall short.

Traveling Vineyard Wines offers a unique opportunity for someone with a passion for creating their own organization. However, the Traveling Vineyard program gives direct support items that assist their participants and eases the burden of going into business. Being a Wine Guide presents the opportunity to develop a loyal client list. Wine Guides are also able to build their own teams to support their sales effort. As the team grows, their ability to sell merchandise increases.

The wine stock is maintained and shipped by Traveling Vineyard headquarters. Wine Guides are not responsible for these transactions so they do not pay the cost of holding inventory. There is a small monthly fee for maintaining the website that will be necessary to manage a sales schedule and customer list. There is training available for those who are looking to enter into the program. No experience is required to be a Wine Guide. Sales people are not held to a quota.

Their work day is self-paced. Each individual is able to determine the level of output and design it around their current responsibilities. The Traveling Vineyard program is perfect for ambitious career-minded professionals, or those who are simply looking for a new outlet to produce extra income. Every wine tasting event presents an opportunity to conquer new business territory.

Smartly Packaged Healthy Lip Balm

The packaging of EOS Lip Balm is enough to stop most people shopping on Walmart, and cause them to take a closer look. It was such clever marketing when the design team came up with that shape. A lot of us spend time driving, and live in parts of the country where weather extremes have us reaching for lotions, lip balms and moisturizers quite regularly. If anyone has ever had to fish a lip balm out of their purse, likely while driving, the traditional cases that lipsticks, balms and glosses come in are kind of nebulous, and can easily be mistaken for something else. Looking for EOS lip balm in your purse will have you much more quickly finding your way to moist lips, as that little egg-looking package, filled with moisture gold, is very easy to locate. This lip balm is about way more than a smart packaging concept, however.

Two seasoned professionals, caught up in the swallows of corporate America for collectively many years, started to reflect on the fact that “beauty” products, albeit a saturated industry, is a very lucrative one. In an attempt to figure out how to stand out in beauty aisles of drugstore chains from coast-to-coast, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky decided no one had done much of anything innovative in the lip balm space in over half a century.

Upon doing research on what was largely being marketed as a unisex product, they found a disproportionate amount of users of lip balm were women, and they used it quite regularly as a part of their skin-care regimen. Having found the proper demographic to market to, they got a loan, and EOS was born.

The shape was born of a series of discussions on how to package it to engage all senses, and then they made the product from organic ingredients. This huge hit of a lip balm, with the tagline “The lip balm that makes you smile,” does just that, in a healthy and imaginative way.

Order EOS online via Amazon.com or https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html.


Kim Dao Reviews Korean Lip Products

Korean lip products are the focus of this video uploaded by beauty and lifestyle video blogger Kim Dao. All of the items that Kim Dao highlights in this video were purchased from Korean Mall, an online site with several varieties of products to choose from. Kim Dao states that she decided to talk about the Korean lip products because there are so many interesting products and brands from Korea that she wanted to share. Kim Dao opens the package revealing fifteen different lip products that she’s going to be applying to her lips throughout the video so that we can see just how well each one works. Kim Dao does state that some of the products may stain her lips a bit so the color may look a bit different, but still it gives the viewer a chance to see how these products may work on them. One of the first products that Kim Dao starts with is the Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense. As Kim Dao is applying the product she mentions that the application is smooth. The color is a bright yet soft shade of pink. Kim Dao not only shares how the lip products work in this video, but she also shares how to properly store the products so that they don’t become damaged in your purse or makeup bag.

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Kim Dao

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Securus Technologies is working to make the world a safer place

The ways in which technology has helped solve crimes in modern day would not have been possible decades ago. With every new wireless technology device being created a suspect leaves more clues. We often leave digital footprints without even realizing it. All kinds of posts on social media and text messages reveal locations, times and clues as to who suspects most reliable contacts are.


Securus Technologies is a global leader in producing technology to help public safety officials watch over inmates, find more clues during an investigation, and help prevent crimes by monitoring areas. Lots of cameras and sensors can help warn someone if a crime is likely to happen before it actually does.


There have been a number of positive comments from clients. They have said that their technology has helped prevent and solve crimes and prevent inmate altercations. They have a whole stack of letters from companies around the world thanking Securus Technologies for making their work environment a better place. Richard Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said that the company is working to send out a new product every week for prison officials and police personnel.


Day by day Securus Technologies gets thousands of emails about their new products and great ideas for keeping the world a safer place. Even inmates and their family members have commented.


Securus Technologies headquarters is located in Texas and has worked with over 300,000 different law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. Over one million inmates have used the companies technology or has been monitored by it. Securus technologies is dedicated to providing critical response to all potential crimes.


The company also helps with investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management and inmate services. To learn more about all of the technology solutions that are offered by Securus Technologies visit their website.

Marc Spark’s Passion in Helping People through All Aspects of Life

In 2015, Marc Sparks stated that the procedure of beginning an enterprise involves acquiring the necessary resources to ensure the success. Marc Sparks is the chief executive officer of Timber Creek Capital LP. He relocated the business’ offices to accommodate the collaboration of innovative technology that will help in assisting entrepreneurs to transform their start-ups into money making ventures. He stated that the design of Timber Creel Capital LP allows them to host a maximum of three different firms and add to the 25 percent of conditions required to create success.

According to Mark, a quality and collaborative environment determine 25 percent of a company’s success potential. He explained that it is vital for firm owners to spend most of their time ensuring that the environment of their waking time cultivates maximum productivity.

Marc Sparks said that the primary objective of setting up Timber Creek Capital is to help entrepreneurs achieve their expected goals. Marc values focus, passion, tenacity, faith, monetization and time management in his quest of helping start-ups succeed.

Marc’s detailed analysis of the relationship between a business’ success and an environment is available in his published book; They Can’t Eat You. The book explains the various journeys a firm grows through to overcome failures and achieve consistent success. Apart from taking up a handful of companies for mentorship, Marc is an active philanthropist with notable contributions to Habitat for Humanity, Sparkey’s Kids, AmeriCan! Academy, and The Samaritan Inn, with which he has a 30-year relationship.

Samaritan Inn is a shelter for homeless people that accommodates a maximum of 160 individuals per night for a maximum of five months. The program helps people in need of support to pull themselves out of their situation and start a better life.

The organization offers counseling, job placements, financial education, health programs and family services. Marc has expressed his deep passion for the program by revealing that he is often moved to tears when the residents graduate and continue to afford better lives for themselves.

Marc Sparks graduated from high school in 1975, in Austin Texas and firmly believes that his C+ high school qualification could not stop God’s grace from helping him operate million dollar enterprises. Marc states that despite his lack of training in the businesses he is currently involved in, he was born with a keen intuition that allows him to buy, build and sell successful companies.

Marc keeps his stress levels low by engaging in a healthy outdoor lifestyle that involves hiking, biking, fishing, golfing and travel. Marc adores traveling and has a record of traveling around the world in just twenty-three days. He explained that he acquires most of his inspiration from traveling than from any other activity.

Kim Dao Gives a Comprehensive View of Her Japanese Apartment



Kim Dao is a famous Australian blogger and YouTuber. She is an alumnus of the University of Western Australia where she pursued Japanese and Psychology. Her love for makeup, fashion and traveling saw her create a blog and YouTube channel immediately after moving to Japan. Using these platforms, she shares her experiences and her every day’s life endeavors. Currently, Kim Dao has over 304,000 YouTube subscribers. In one of her videos, Kim Dao shared her experience in her Japanese apartment.


Kim Dao’s Living Room


Kim Dao’s apartment is breathtaking. On the entrance, she has a little mailbox where she places all her letters. At the further end, there is a place where she puts her shoes upon arrival to avoid dirtying the house. On the upper side of the entrance, she has a shelf where she sets her towels, shower cap, hair dryer and an iron box. On the lower side of the shelf, Kim Dao has a closet where she keeps all her shoes. On another corner, she places her washing machine, vacuum cleaner and some card boxes.


Kim Dao’s Bathroom


Kim Dao’s bathroom has all the basics of any another bathroom. It has a bathtub, a mirror, shampoos, toothbrushes, and slippers, which she puts on when the bathroom is wet. Close nearby is an entrance to the toilet, which has a shelf on its upper part where she places new tissue papers.


Kim Dao’s Kitchen and Bedroom


Kim Dao’s kitchen is very tiny but contains all the essential item a kitchen needs like a sink, fridge, shelf, cooking stove and many others. Her bedroom has all the girly stuff. Kim’s bed is decorated with Pikachu collection. Adjacent is a large closet where she stores her suitcases and clothes. Kim Dao also has a study table and a large glass window, which faces her neighborhood.

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