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Doe Deere Speaks Out on Fashion Rules

Does it pay to follow “the rules” when it comes to beauty? In the view of Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, no it doesn’t. Deere is an entrepreneur who’s made her name by establishing her own style and making her rules up as she goes. For Deere, it’s all about looking good and feeling good about how you look. That’s why she’s fond of breaking and bending any hard and fast rules on beauty. Here’s a few she often breaks.

1, Don’t Wear Socks With Sandals.
In the high fashion world, wearing socks with sandals might be an “out there” concept, but Deere breaks this rule often, and she makes it look great. She coordinates her socks with the look of her skirt, combining color accents that look fabulous. It’s a bit of a school girl look that can be charming when worn with confidence.

2. Just Play up the Lips or the Eyes with Makeup, Not Both.
After all, great beauties like Elizabeth Taylor were known to wear killer eye and lip colors together. For Deere, it’s all about using finesse when making up the eyes, and coordinating the eye shadow tones with the lip color so they enhance each other.

3. Wear Neutral Color If Your Hair is An Unnatural Color.
Doe Deere isn’t one to live in a black and white world, so this rule doesn’t work for her. Although a neutral look can be fabulous with purple hair, that hair color can also look great with color combinations that play off its bold appeal.

Women today need to make their own rules as far as their fashion and beauty life goes.

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How Athleisure Clothing Lines Are Dominating

In current fashion, one highly sought after and talked about trend is Athleisure. Athleisure is a stylish line of workout clothing that feature different patterns, bold colors and always make a statement. Some people pair them with blazers and jacket, or even heels to prove this is more than just a trend. It’s a lifestyle, and can complete a wardrobe.

In a recent article, the word Athleisure was talked about. “Ath” standing for athletic, and leisure standing for itself, this word stands for durability during movement and comfort.

The author also talks about how Athleisure has practically become a street uniform-everyone wears athletic wear whether it’s to be unique and bold, or comfortable. To read more from this article, you can visit: Vogue

One of the most popular Athleisure brands, known as Fabletics, offers great value and unique prints to their customers. Their spokeswoman Kate Hudsdon has proven to be an asset to them, with their subscription counts climbing high and fantastic reviews.

With Athleisure being so popular nowadays it’s nice for athletic wear addicts to have them delivered to their door at a lower price than that of Nike, LuLuLemon, etc.  If you’re ready to climb aboard the Athleisure train, you should start by visiting the Fabletics website to ensure you get the most stylish and affordable athletic wear.

Igor Cornelsen’s Tips on Securing Passive Income

It is good to work and make income. However, it is going to get tired at one point for every worker. This is the reason that Igor Cornelsen is very passionate about passive income. There are times when people are unable to work because of emergencies or illness. At least with passive income, the money does not stop coming in because of the cease in working. There are ways to bring in some passive income. Igor Cornelsen has a few tips in order to help people get started in bringing some significant passive income in order for them to support themselves on as they go on with their lives.

He has a lot of experience with gaining passive income. Igor Cornelsen has plenty of tips for success in the Brazilian market. Among the tips that Igor Cornelsen gives is to actually communicate and network with people that are trying to start something up. For one thing, Brazil is a social area. People make all kinds of connections in Brazil while they are starting up their company. This helps people find out where they can invest in order to make a ton of passive income that will keep coming in long after they have quit working.

Igor Cornelsen also stresses the importance of knowing all of the rules and the regulations of the industry so that the investor could make a lot of profits without facing penalties. For people that have enough money to invest, it is important to be able to know the boundaries as to where they can go. If they fail to follow the boundaries, then they will have a hard time with their investment activities.

Why One Should Use Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Hair is a Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing conditioner available on which is designed to provide beautiful, shiny and healthy looking hair. The product is designed to be multi-purpose. It is meant to be used as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. This Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner cleanses ones hair without any lather.
The formula of this conditioner offers one hair with moisture, shine and makes it easily manageable. This conditioner is recommended since it simplifies hair care. The normal harsh chemicals found in cleansing conditioners are absent in Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. It is easy to use the conditioner as the directions for use are indicated on the product. Its combination of nutrient-rich herbs and natural ingredients makes it suitable for all hair types.

Bustle through an article posted on its website through the link www.bustle,com/articles/136320-i-used -cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened , gave a quick look of the change that happens when one uses Wen By Chaz and was first posted here. The seven day experiment seeks to show how using WEN Hair day by day improves ones hair and its general appearance. Day one of using the conditioner when the hair was greasy and frizzy proved to be helpful. It makes one’s hair feel thicker and dense and less strands of falling hair as is witnessed when one uses other conditioners.

On day three, the hair was shiny and looked healthy. The hair was flatter during the day and was straight. There was a bad hair day on day four. This was due to failing to use Wen Hair in the morning. The hair was greasy and frizzy. Day five was the most promising of all days. The confidence brought about by using Wen was quite fulfilling. The realization that using Wen in the morning was a good idea dawned on the sixth day. This was because the hair looked shiny and healthy all through the day. On the last day, the curls were falling off faster as was seen on day six but this did not deny the writer of a good hair day. Wen is also available on Amazon.

Marc Sparks Insights onto Effective Investor Presentation

Over the years, Mark Sparks has nurtured many startup businesses. In an article posted on, SparksÕ talks about what he looks for from candidates who want to sell their ideas to venture capitalist like him. First, Sparks suggests that the presenter makes every visual count. This is an important strategy to avoid time wasting because every entrepreneurÕs time is valuable. Secondly, he suggests that the presentation should tell a story. This can be done by outlining what the data means. The presenter should also state what they want to do to be successful. The story can be told more effectively, by including research information and statistics.

Sparks, third point is for presenters keep their presentations simple and easy to scan and understand. To do this, the presenter must avoid complicating things to ensure the message remains focused and to the point. Lastly, the presenter needs to bring the entire team to the presentation table to show the venture capitalist that he or she has a diligent and cohesive team, who proud of their product or service.

About Mark Sparks

Mark Sparks is a renowned philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, author and owner of a Dallas, Texas based private equity firm called Timber Creek LP. The firm specializes in realizing the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy. According to an article by, the company offers; investment capital, office space, equipments and a host of services including customer service, web development and financial and legal advice.

Marks Sparks has also done a lot of work to support various philanthropic causes. His non-profit organization called Sparks Kids has donated hundreds of computers to various kids in America. The other organization that he supports include the Samaritan Inn, which provides shelter to over 150 people and Habitat for Humanity; where he has supported the construction of affordable housing for the needy. Outside his core duties, Sparks is an enthusiastic outdoorsman.

How Does Wen By Chaz Change Your Hair For The Better?

WEN is an amazing new haircare product that was designed to help women take back their hair from shedding, dry scalp and split ends. The product itself comes in a special tube that any woman may use in the shower, and this article looks at work done by a writer at Bustle. Her experience using the product on her very fine hair shows that Wen by Chaz Dean is the perfect product for any woman who is deeply concerned about the health of her hair.

#1: The Product Requires Very Little To Begin

Women who are using Wen must ensure that they check the packaging before getting started. A woman must use much less of the product than she might think, and the product will begin to get thicker once it gets wet. The product must be massaged into the scalp carefully, and it should find its way to every strand of hair. The shampoo has been designed to strengthen roots, and it does not strip the hair from the scalp.

#2: Shedding Reduces

Women who are accustomed to shedding in the shower will see that come to an end. Women with fine hair lose a lot of hair when chemical shampoos are introduced, but the special formula sold on of WEN helps prevents shedding that could leave bald spots in older women.

Women often get out of the shower with hair that has a matte color, and there is too much hair sitting on the floor of the shower. Wen avoids shedding, allows women to use less product and helps hair shine.