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Remarkable Woman At Work: Helane Morrison

Throughout her career Helane Morrison has made a major impact in public life. A Brooklyn native, she earned an undergraduate degree at Northwestern and went on to Berkeley Law. After working as a law clerk in the 7th circuit of the US Court of Appeals, Morrison went on to clerk for left-leaning Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. With this experience under her belt, Morrison went on work for a private practice, in the area of corporate law. She showed great leadership, and a willingness to dig out corruption in finance.

It was only a matter of time before Helane Morrison was approached about serving the public. She landed at the San Francisco office of the SEC. In her role there, Morrison worked to protect people and businesses from fraud. She also maintained a high standard of fairness and ethics. Morrison was a star in her role; she handled fraud cases involving executives who others considered untouchable. She took on big businesses, including Ernst and Young and American Amicable. In addition, she took on smaller cases that got less attention from the media, often involving the protection of senior citizens from fraud. After serving the public with such determination and toughness, Morrison made the decision to return to the private sector.

Now, in her role as chief compliance officer at Hall Capital, Helane Morrison is helping to lead one of the only financial companies in the US run by women. Morrison, along with Sarah Stein, and Kathryn Hall seek to revolutionize their industry. Having noticed that the most successful women are flexible and resilient, these three have sought to foster these qualities in their firm. For example, the office has an open plan; this is a sharp contrast to the closed office and conference room doors at most financial companies. Open doors and open interaction are one way in which they hope to increase transparency, and regain the trust that the finance business lost after the 2008 financial crisis.

Helane Morrison has gained recognition for her ethics, conviction, and devotion to fairness. In the public and private sector, she has shown that she can shine in the face of any challenge. As her career continues, she has shown that she is still evolving and helping to lead the way to a better business world.

No Proper Haircut in Venezuela

How does it feel to get a bad haircut? Most customers will blame the barber, but in Venezuela you can blame Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, the drought, and even low oil prices.
One of such customers is Carmela de la Hoz from Maracaibo, Venezuela. As The Times of India portray, the lady had to walk out from a hairstylist with her hair half cut.

But, Ms. de la Hoz didn’t deserve such a fate. Simply according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez, the power went off while her haircut was being done. And it wasn’t plain bad luck- power shortages are a common thing in this South American nation, which currently is going through the most severe recession in the world.

Another problem that Jose Manuel shared is that when you walk away from a service, or a purchase, things will get more expensive when you come back a little later.