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Reputation Differences by Demographics

Donald Trump is being branded as a racist by some of the left. They claim that he does not respect minority groups such as Latinos. The Democratic Party is trying to make the most of this fictitious narrative by peddling it to unsuspected voters. They are trying to create an image and a reputation for Trump that he is somehow against minority groups like African Americans and Latinos.

To Trump’s defense, he employs a lot of Latinos and Hispanics at his golf resorts and hotels. He even has factories in Mexico that produce clothing that employ hundreds of Hispanics and Latinos No employees of Trump that are Hispanic or Latino have ever called him out as being racist. This serves to refute the false reputation that those on the left and Democrats are trying to paint for Trump.

Looking objectively at Trump, he did say that illegal immigrants are crossing the border from Mexico and causing problems in the United States. Mr. Trump outlined these problems when he announced that he would run for president. Those on the left and the media then distorted Trump’s words to try and make it seem that he was against Hispanics, Latinos and Mexicans in general. They were damaging his reputation with their false representations. He might even look to retain on online reputation management company like Five Blocks, who you can read a review on here.

Mr. Trump was in fact only talking about illegal immigrants who break the law and commit crimes in the United States. Many left wing and liberal media press attacked Trump for his comments and took it out of context to try and hurt his reputation with minorities. The fact of the matter is that Trump’s real reputation proven by his actions is that Hispanics and Latinos have a favorable if not neutral view of him.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Explains Gold Coins

The US Money Reserve and their president Philip Diehl were featured on EPNS Radio, and there is a very good conversation about why investing in gold coins is a good idea. Someone who is concerned about investing can start using gold coins to save money, and they will have a lot more flexibility when they are ready to invest.

It all depends on how someone is going to put together their investments, but Philip Diehl wants to make sure that people know what they can do about investing with just gold coins. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Gold coins on their own are a very good investment because they make it easy for people to get the results they want without really any trouble. Someone who is very interested in the designs of the coins will be able to get the ones they like the look of the most, and someone who wants to trade for coins that have a good look can do really well in the US Money Reserve.

Some people who want to get certain designs can go for collecting, and they can even trade at shows until it is time to sell the coins they have. Every single person who is trying to make the most of their investments needs to make sure that they have made choices that work for everyone. These choices are going to get a lot more interesting and exciting over the years as they see that they have a large collection.

The large collection will grow in value over the years because it is a collection that can be sold off all at once, and some of the best designs will have a much better value when it comes time to sell.

Philip Diehl is still releasing great designs for people who love the look of gold coins, and he wants to make sure that everyone feels like they have found something they can get excited about.

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Lime Crime Makeup Is Arrestingly Beautiful

When it comes to great makeup, it’s the color and quality of each palette that counts, and that’s where Lime Crime and Doe Deere excel.

Makeup that offers something different always stands out, and Lime Crime is nothing like you’ve ever worn before. Just ask any of the company’s 2 million-plus new Instagram followers, and you will find brand loyalty and some of the most beautiful, highly pigmented shades on the planet. Lime Crime fans send their creatively stunning cosmetics selfies to Lime Crime’s Instagram and the online shopping website¬†

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a beige palette like the ones traditional cosmetics companies always sell, but Doe Deere created a makeup line that offers women a lot more. If you adore vibrant colors that go beyond the rainbow, then Lime Crime is your brand. Each wild color is highly pigmented and stays put whether it’s a lipstick, shadow or liner.

Doe Deere established her independent makeup company in 2008, because frankly, she could not hunt down enough palettes with bold, beautiful shades. Doe Deere always played with bright colors, even as a child growing up in Russia. These days, she finds that her candy-colored hair in lilac goes perfectly with Lime Crime makeup and the exciting fashion she likes to wear.

Lime Crime is not for the wallflower, but if you are one, when you put on Doe Deere’s makeup, it’s quite transformational. It’s makeup with an edge or buzz, and you will be noticed. Doe Deere wants her makeup to inspire self-expression with individual ideas of what is beautiful.

Social media plays a major role in the brand, as Doe Deere believes that an interactive audience is not only great for business, but as a powerful tool for today’s culture and society. Lime Crime is not only a commanding presence on Instagram but highly visible on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Lime Crime offers some of the best lipsticks on the planet with gorgeous shades like blue, yellow, squash, brick, green, black, cement and so much more. This ain’t your mama’s makeup collection, thank goodness.

Lime Crime has been described as fearless, and when you’re wearing a sexy shade of red shadow from the cult favorite Venus Grunge palette, you’re taking cosmetics to a whole new level.

Doe Deere is also one who believes in giving back, donating to numerous charities that help children women and animals.

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Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship

George Soros Philanthropy Is Unsurpassed

Open Society Foundation began in 1979 and was founded by George Soros. Recently however the organization escaped an infiltration by Conservative activist James O’Keefe. O’Keefe hindered his attempt nonetheless before he even begun. O’Keefe made a call but forgot to disconnect it afterward thus exposing every plan that he had.

George Soros funds open Society Foundation. Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary, before moving to England in 1947. George Soros attended London School of Economics where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science in philosophy and an MSC in philosophy.

Soros is on the top 30 list of the richest people in the world. George Soros is a well-known supporter of the American progressive and liberal causes. He has donated lots of millions of dollars to their cause. Soros has always been a philanthropic person and has assisted many people around the world. He was a champion in helping many Eastern European countries to transition peacefully from communism to capitalism. George Soros is among the world’s largest donors who have donated to support higher education in Central European University in Budapest.

During the apartheid era in South Africa, Soros helped many black students get access to the University of Cape Town. Soros also did help with the provision of Xerox machine to print the banned text to promote cultural exchange with the West. Soros also created the Central European University after the fall of Berlin wall to promote critical thinking. His philanthropy has now expanded and is in the United States, Asia, Africa. The organization, (Open Society Foundation) has helped many open paralegals and lawyers represent numerous individuals that have been unlawfully detained. Visit the site at

Open Society Foundation has supported many gifted students pay their school fees. Soros also helped establish an international system that would help to bring accountability and transparency to the natural resource industry. This would help promote fairness, prevent payoffs to tyrants who cause political unrest and violence to many people around the world.

The contribution by Open Society to the world has been outstanding thus the recent attempt by O’Keefe to infiltrate the organization surprised many. O’Keefe made a call to the organization and pretended to be an American-Hungarian. He identified himself as Victor Kesh and left a message. Before he disconnected the call, though, he was heard by Dana Geraghty telling another person not to speak before he hung up his phone.

O’Keefe floundered and forgot to disconnect the call entirely then went ahead to discuss his plans to infiltrate Open Society Foundation. He was oblivious of his mistake, and their entire conversation of their plans was recorded. There is an audio of about 10 minutes of their plans.
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The real identity of the caller was discovered after he tried to access Dana Geraghty LinkedIn and ended up revealing his identity. The president of the organization was informed of O’Keefe shady plans and was not impressed. Dana Geraghty said of how worried she heard their conversation as the men planned to use her as an entry point to the organization.

O’Keefe undercover operations were discovered before they even began.