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For Silky Smooth Lips, Go Organic

Everybody wants soft, silky, luxurious lips. Our lips aren’t the first part of our bodies we think of taking care of, but we should. The lips are a very fragile part of our bodies, which needs they need some serious TLC. If you are thinking of getting more serious about your lip care routine, think of all natural products. This article will go over one of the hottest all natural lip balm brands hitting the scene, EOS. It will also go over the top organic brands over the internet.


Evolution Of Smooth seemed to explode all over the media overnight. Why? EOS has many, many happy customers. Many of their customers are happy with the way it feels on their lips – it has a healing and soothing effect – and they love the fact that all of their products are not only all natural but cruelty-free. With the help of celebrity promotion, Eos is starting to find a big spot on top of the organic skin and lip care line.

What makes EOS so different than other lip balms is their shape. They are formed in tiny, colorful egg-shaped form. The fun shapes and colors aren’t the unique thing about EOS lip balms, all products are free of harmful additives, and are all natural. What makes these lip balms even more addictive is their price – priced between $3.00-$5.00 depending on where and how they are bought – and their impressive array of flavors. Give them a try today. Look below for the top 5 all natural on Amazon. Visit their website Also check out the Facebook photo gallery of EOS lip balm products.

5 More All Natural Lip Balms Everyone Needs To Try!

Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm
ArtNaturals Lip Balm
Lip Struck Lip Balm
Lip Loks Lip Balm
Bee Naked Balm Lip Blam

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Squaw Valley Holdings and Andy Wirth are Strong Leaders in the Lake Tahoe Area

Andy Wirth has been CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings in Lake Tahoe since 2010 when the Cushing family relinquished their ownership of over 60 years. Wirth was a perfect fit, to the Ski Resort and to the north Lake Tahoe community. He has over 25 years experience in the hotel and resort industry, spending over 20 years at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort leaving there as CMO.

When Wirth arrived at Squaw Valley, it wasn’t long before he was involved in the community as well as improving the ski resort. He renovated the 1965 Incorporate Olympic Village his first year, which attracted more tourists. After only a few years, he was elected to be chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Group that holds elections and discussions on community affairs and issues.

For the past several years, California has experienced poor weather along with a political strife disrupting the otherwise peaceful slopes. A controversial group arose in that was trying to push incorporation on the community. Squaw Valley Holdings and Andy Wirth did not see this as a good idea for the community, and they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars opposing it. Finally, last year, the issue was declined, which stopped incorporation in this area. The residents were divided by the strife, and Wirth says he is ready for the community to mend.

There is also another note of good news on ahead for Squaw Valley and the other ski resort owners and that is an end to the four-year drought that has plagued the area. This year, the first of many in over a decade, the ski season began early. Wirth responds that he has been encouraging summer tourists to the resort, so the loss only amounted to 20 percent of their total revenue, where the other ski resorts felt a more serious loss.

The group that instigated the incorporation debate has now withdrawn their petition, and it appears that the drought has lifted in California, and Wirth is hoping that a period of healing will come to the beautiful mountains he calls home.

Squaw Holdings is now busy constructing a tram to unite Squaw Valley with their other property, Alpine Meadows. This is a project that has been in the discussion phase for several years, but it finally looks as if it will be completed.

Andy Wirth is adventurous and diligent in his career and his personal life. He is a major contributor to the environment and the organizations that make up the community in the Lake Tahoe area. Even though he was involved in a horrific accident while skydiving in 2013 where his arm was ripped off in the fall, a miracle of timing and perseverance has enabled him to be completely healed and going stronger than ever.