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Billy McFarland Helps Millennials Connect On Their Terms

Billy McFarland is the founder of Magnises, and it is a very special place where people can connect on their own terms. There are a lot of millennials in New York City who want to be able to make business connections or friendships with people their own age who are living the same kind of lifestyle they are.

The old school parties are usually really boring to people who are much younger, and they want to have a much better way of meeting people. That is why they have chosen to come to Magnises where they can go to a lot of social events with their black card.

The company was started by Billy McFarland as a way for people to make sure that they can meet people in a way that is a lot more fun than normal. Some younger people in the city need Magnises because they need a reliable place to meet people their own age.

All the events happen around the city to attract different kinds of people, and the social club has exclusive members who are willing to have a good time. This helps people meet others in business, and it also helps them make sure that they can talk to these people about something other than the weather.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland and his vision for Magnises is very important because it is changing the business social circle into something completely new. He wants millennials to have a good time when they go out, but he wants them to have a good time because they are in a place that was made just for them. They will have that black card that gets them into every event, and they will have the chance to meet people who like to party but also have an important business connection.

David J. Osio’s Strategy of increasing his Philanthropic Activities to other Parts of the World.

David J. Osio is a successful entrepreneur who is well known for his successful business ventures that are mostly based in Miami. He is also a philanthropist, and he has donated to various charity activities in different regions of the world. Osio is committed to improving the living conditions of other people. The main sectors that he has been donating to include research, music, medicine, art, and other activities that can have a positive impact on the community. David has been working to ensure the success of his charity activities by creating partnerships with various non-profit making organizations. Read more:

Mr. Osio has increased his charity work to different regions of the world. He is a benefactor of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO), and he has been donating to the institution from the time he started sitting on the Orchestra board. The contributions that he makes have been supporting the EPK events of the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, which aim at offering excellent medical services to children. David believes that the smallest contribution that anyone can provide is essential in bettering medical research in children. According to him, it is necessary for any individual support the community by offering donations that they can afford.

The entrepreneur plans to expand his firm, Davos Financial Group, to cover more regions across the globe. He is the CEO of the company, and he has been working to ensure that it succeeds both locally and internationally. Davos Financial Group has been making significant profits under his leadership, and they are increasing over time. It has created units in the main economical cities of various regions such as Panama, Lisbon, Geneva, and New York. David plans to establish social responsibility programs in different towns where his company will be creating branches.

The charity activities of David Osio have been helpful to institutions that deal with art. They include Fundana Foundations, Saludarte Foundation, and the Wayuu Taya Foundation of Art. The Saludarte Foundation of Art benefited from him through the sponsorship that he gave to Carlos Cruz Dieza’s exhibition. He has won awards due to his involvement in philanthropy.

Mr. Osio attended the Catholic University Andres Bello, which is situated in Caracas, and he graduated with a law degree. The first company that he served was the Legal Desk MGO, and he offered consultancy services to multinational corporations. He then studied investment portfolio management at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) and the New York Institute of Finance.

Handy – popular home cleaning service

Handy has filled a growing need in today’s busy and hectic world by providing an essential service to harried homemakers, singles and commercial customers. In a Do-it-yourself environment, many are tempted to do cleanup, maintenance or other projects and wind up with making expensive mistakes or not being able to complete them. The two-career economic necessities have put many households into a scheduling quandry that Handy has the ability to solve.

using the “Uber” model of independent contractors operating under the corporate umbrella with a phone app connector, the home-cleaning, furniture assembly and project-based business has seen its overall income rise to over 1 million a week.Contractors advertise their specialty and compete for business. Appointments are fit to the client and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Unlike handyman services (see, that are usually available online or in the phone directory, the client can deal directly with an independent contractor who has the experience and skills to do the jo exactly as expected.

According to randyreport.blogspot, the universal appeal to both contractors and clients is a “given”. The contractors have access to clients and wages are much higher than being employed in a traditional home cleaning company. Clients are able to select a specialty and arrange with the contractor what is to be done, where and when as well as setting a price.

Handy is expanding and will be a benefit to those who need cleaning,assembly projects, and things done at home and have little time to manage everything. This is a service whose time has truly come. Visit to learn more.



A lot has been said about buying gold over the years. Some have even said that gold is more valuable than paper money. If you are wondering if there is any proof to back up this claim, all you need to do is look to US Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve has been handling money for their clients for a very long time. According to US Money Reserve, this a very special time. It’s a time that should not be taken for granted.

“There used to be a time when paper money was the choice to make. There was a time our clients put a lot of faith in what paper money has to offer. The time to do this is not now. Paper money is not what it used to be.”

This kind of statement is coming at a very unique time. To hear a financial statement like US Money making a statement like this, well, it should not go unnoticed. We asked them to elaborate on why they are taking this position.

This is what they had to say.

“Well, paper money is not what it used to be. Look at our worldly financial institutions. Many firms are going under, even hitting a recession. That $10 paper bill you hold in your hands, it’s not worth much of anything right now. It’s still worth a little bit, but it’s not what it used to be. We tell our clients that they need some sort of security. The banks and the paper money just don’t offer this type of security anymore.”

“Gold is not going anywhere. In fact, gold will be worth something more. If you notice, the banks tend to go under. Your stocks tend to fall. Gold, however, tends to stay where it’s at, even holding a greater value. This is something that all clients need to look at, even if they are not under our umbrella. Gold is not part of the government. Gold has nothing to do with the choices government makes. This is why it’s so special. No matter what happens to our government, our stocks or our mutual funds, gold will be there, collecting value after value.”

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Empowering Woman and Investor Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born to Sri Lankan parents in Malaysia. She was just 19 years old when she moved to the United States. She was very poor and had just $200 to her name to survive. Malini and her husband at the time, rented an apartment while they got an education at the Stanford University Campus.


Malini was very interested in the investment business and even asked bankers for advice. Although very poor at the time, Malini learned to save her money and slowly began to invest in telecommunications and real estate. With hard work and passion for the business, she has become one of the world’s top women investors and philanthropists of South Asian Origin. She is also the Chairman of a company named Saban. Saban is a company that preserves investment interests worldwide, this includes oil and gas properties in China, real estate ventures in Australia and India, as well as technology companies in the United States. Besides all of her impressive accomplishments, Malini takes part in charity work and has donated $1 million to kick start the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asian people. In addition, she visited the Tsunami ravaged areas in India and Sri Lanka and donated $10 million to the victims of the tragedy in the island nation. You can also view photos of her venture in India and Sri Lanka on her official website.


Saba was also passionate in being a philanthropist, she started “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” an organization that was non=profit and aimed at changing women’s roles in society. She began her investment career as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist in the 1990s, where she had extensive experience investing in highly known technology companies such as PayPal Inc., and Netscreen Technologies Inc. Malini Saba is an inspirational woman to many and living proof that with hard-work and dedication, you can make a difference in both your life and other’s lives. Starting off as a poor young woman, Malini turned her life around and became a multi-millionaire, who had also helped thousands of people in the process, by the time we she was 34.

Madison Street Capital Named As Finalist For 15Th Annual M&A Advisor Award

At the 15th Annual M&A Awards, a profound announcement was made regarding Madison Street Capital, an investment banking company based in Chicago. The firm was named among the finalists for this annual award. The awards are respected and valued as a symbol of achievement in the entire financial sector.

The M&A Awards recognizes excellence in restructuring, financing, and deal making as well as celebrating the contributions and accomplishments of leading firms and professionals. Read more:

This renowned investment banking establishment has received two nominations for Industrial and International Deal of the Year as well as the Boutique Investment Banking Firm for the Year. The awards recognized the role of the financial firm in facilitating the procurement of Acuna & Asociados S.A.

The firm’s senior managing director, Karl D’Cunha, successfully led this transaction. According to the Madison Street’s founder, Charles Botchway, the firm was pleased and grateful to have been in the forefront in the process of facilitating Dowco, their longstanding client, in its the procurement of Acuna & Asociados S.A.

Botchway, as the founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital, has served for a remarkable number of years. He showed their intense appreciation to be named among the most practical participants who were competing for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm Award for the Year. The financial institution boasts of skilled dealmakers who work assiduously and extensively across different time zones, to connect all their clients with budding and growing companies that perfectly suit their flexible needs for both success and continued growth.

The generous Dowco acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A was a rather complex one, and it was a transaction that crossed borders with lots of moving parts. The establishment, through their founder and CEO, were privileged and honored to be recognized in that category.

The final results and winners of the Annual Awards will be announced on Wednesday, November 9th at the 15th, at New York Athletic Club.

The company is undoubtedly one of the most established investment banking institutions, which have had a long streak of success in accomplishing all its endeavors. Consequently, it is not a spectacle they have received such a prestigious nomination for two awards in the category.

Madison Street Capital runs its investment banking operations globally, and it is resolutely committed to integrity, leadership, service as well as excellence in delivering valuation services, merger, and acquisition services, financial options to public and private help enterprises and corporate financial advisory expertise. These services are all tailored to station their customers for success in the lucrative industry. Madison Street Capital uses its ability to take customers’ goals and objectives into consideration when taking on every single project. The firm also observes emerging markets trends as the gist component, and this facilitates growth for its various clients.

An In-Depth Review Of The Life And Successes Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler has come out as a mentor, successful entrepreneur and technologist for the ideas he has fueled and young entrepreneurs he has motivated and nurtured. Ressler started his quest for business more than one decade ago and since his first startup, he has advanced his effort towards running a successful chain of businesses.

Along the way Don Ressler has started businesses and sold out others to pave way for better ideas and not a single of the ideas he launched failed. To understand how this has been possible, it is necessary to review his journey as an entrepreneur since his first startup to date.

The first startup that Don Ressler came up with was, which he held for a short period of time before handing the company over to Intermix Media. In the process of initiating the takeover, Ressler met with Adam Goldenberg, the COO of Intermix. The two had similar ideas and their vision was in sync, so they decided to put their energy together to launch one of their most successful business, Alena Media. Alena offered marketing services and this is one of the businesses that offered them the motivation to further venture into online retails.

They made millions in revenue in the short time they ran the company and to move up the ladder, they sold over Alena Media to News Corp. However, to their disappointment, they had to watch as the company they built with so much dedication go down due to poor management.

Launch of Intelligent Beauty
Don Ressler and Goldenberg in 2008 launched Intelligent Beauty after a long session of brainstorming to look for viable ideas. The company operates several brands among them DERMSTONE, which offers skincare and cosmetic items. They also added SENSA, a brand that specializes in fitness products.

About JustFab
Two years later, the duo advanced their agenda and ventured into online retail subscription stores. They started with the launch of JustFab, which has grown and acquired more brands over the years. JustFab was funded through venture capitals to expand its addressable market and infrastructure. Don Ressler received $33 million in 2011 from Matrix Partners and later applied for funding amounting to $76 from several venture capitals.

The second amount would help JustFab move into other markets like Germany and the United Kingdom on Apart from offering fashion items, JustFab acquired FabKids, which specializes in kids’ fashion and is managed through a subscription system just like the parent company.