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IAP WorldWide Services Does More Than Just Help Customers

IAP offers worldwide services to many different customers. These customers comprise of governments, small facilities, and even individuals. Though IAP takes great pride in being the leader of IT services worldwide, they take more pride in what they do for people whom are not customers.

One of the amazing programs that stems from IAP is for veterans all around the world. Veterans do not get charged at all if they ever need IT services from this company. Furthermore, this company seeks to speedily respond to veterans first before traditional customers. Even better, IAP donates money every single year to help veterans in dozens of countries on IAP has a strong desire to have a station in majorities of cities throughout the world in the next few years. They believe they will be able to help more veterans once this takes place.

In addition to helping veterans, IAP Worldwide Services also helps many different communities in a variety of ways. For example, they raise money every single year and send dozens of kids to well-known colleges. They also have multiple food drives throughout the year. They love taking care of those with no food and those with nothing at all.

In addition to this, representatives from this IT company speak at various schools throughout the year. They teach children what it is like to work for an IT company. They also stress to children how important it is to help the local community in any way possible. Many times students will also get a free lesson in self-defense or something similar.

IAP additionally treats all of their employees with the highest level of respect. They make sure all employees start with a decent amount of pay, and there are two to three raises every single year. Employees working for this company also have access to amazing healthcare, paid vacations, tuition reimbursement, and so much more.

This is one of the only companies that do not hire people based off political association on Cortera. They hire people that really want the job and really want to work hard. This company is even responsible for sending several employees to school every year and these employees do not have to pay a dime for their education. The owners of this IT service believe it is hard to help people within the community without helping people within their company first. This is why they do so much for all their employees.

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Dick DeVos And His Wife Betsy Are Education Reform Activists

Two people who have been working around the clock to bring education reform to Michigan and around the country are Dick and Betsy DeVos, two entrepreneurs who are also civic leaders and philanthropists. Philanthropy Roundtable once interviewed Betsy DeVos to find out why education reform was so important to her. She explained how as a parent who sent her own children to private schools, she saw how some families could barely afford to send their children to private schools, and how others wanted to but couldn’t afford it. Through the family foundation, Dick and Betsy were able to startup scholarships for these families, and even have worked to startup groups like the Great Lakes Education Project, and have been a part of education reform laws passed in other states.


Activism and philanthropy runs in Dick DeVos‘s family. He’s the son of Richard DeVos, a philanthropist and co-founder of Amway Corporation, as well as the current owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick learned about running a business as a young man, and after graduating from Northwood University went to work at the family business. He became CEO in 1993, and through his leadership the company saw massive expansions into Asian and Australian markets, and generated profits in the billions.


Dick stepped down from Amway in 2002, and today he and Betsy primarily run The Windquest Group, an alternative investment firm based in Grand Rapids, MI. Dick first took steps to enact education reforms when he ran for public office on the Michigan State Board of Education and won. In addition to starting up scholarship programs through his foundation, he and Betsy also sponsor the Education Freedom Fund, and even started up their own charter school called The West Michigan Aviation Academy. In addition to education, the DeVos’s also made a generous grant to the completion of The Kennedy Center’s art institute which was renamed for them.


The DeVos’s have long supported politically conservative groups such as Heritage Foundation and Hudson Institute, and Betsy formerly chaired the Michigan Republican Party. Dick decided to run for governor in 2006 after becoming displeased with incumbent Jennifer Granholm, but was narrowly defeated by her. He joined a coalition that was eventually able to get a right-to-work law passed in 2012 against heavy opposition from union leaders. Dick also has served on the board at Grand Action Committee, a committee that’s helped downtown Grand Rapids grow and attract business.


How To Begin Using Gooee IoT Lighting

For a lot of homeowners, making the switch to Gooee IoT Lighting is a lot easier than they might think. Home automation is literally taking the World by storm and a lot of people are making the switch because it enables them to feel more confident in their decision to automate their homes and have better control over the electricity that is within each and every room. What IOT lighting can do for you is allow you to easily have control over all of the electricity and lighting fixtures that are in the house. This means that you are going to be able to turn lights on and off from a smartphone app that you simply download it onto your phone.

Another benefit to switching to Gooee IoT Lighting is that it allows you to save lots of money because of the fact that you are then able to turn lights off even if you are not actually there to do so. You could even be on vacation hundreds of miles away from your house and turn on or off your living room light by being able to use the app that you downloaded onto your phone. More and more home owners as well as businesses are choosing home automation by use of Gooee IoT Lighting because this is something that truly works for them and is easily able to be incorporated into each and every room of the house without needing to get an electrician involved at any moment in time.

Handy Professional Home Cleaning Services

Handy cleaning services offer the best home cleaner, handyman, and plumbing deals on the market. With us, internal house cleaning services are just a tap away by using our mobile app for online booking.

Popular Services offered at Handy

Our most popular services include; Home cleaning, interior house painting, moving services, assembly of furniture, TV Mounting, and hanging of Shelves and Pictures on the wall among others. See,


The plumbing services offered at handy include repairing and replacing water and sewage drains, faucets, toilets, and garbage disposal. The cleaning services at Handy are not limited to just home cleaning but also extend to the office and professional rental cleaning.


At, we offer different handyman services including air conditioning, hanging shelves and pictures, assembly of furniture, cleaning of curtains, interior painting, fixing of locks and knobs, and mounting TV. We also offer electrical services. Handy provides help in fixing of lighting systems, outlets, bath fans and ceiling, as well as other electrical appliances.

How our Services Work

Our team of experts is trustworthy in providing all our clients with the best, experienced, friendly, insured, and background- checked cleaning services. Booking of our services is made online with our mobile app within seconds. One just needs 60 seconds to book and schedule for in-house cleaning services within the next 24 hours. We guarantee 100% refund of our clients’ money the services are not satisfactory.

Newly Introduced Services

Handy has recently expanded its services to delivery of furniture and their assembling. Delivery of these items reaches our customers within a very short duration of time ranging from two hours to 24. The furniture comes with a pocket- friendly price with the aim of making our customers more satisfied with the services and the costs.

 Online and Mobile cleaning

Using the company’s mobile app, our customers, and new ones can book for home cleaning and repair from anywhere in the country. The services are extending beyond the home cleaning to ensure our clients get all services at one place. Contact us today by calling our customer support service team for more information on our services or to make a booking. Visit our website at and learn more about the effectiveness of our services by reading customer reviews and testimonials. The mobile app that we recently developed will make sure that all our clients can easily get in touch and order for our services


The Colorful Entrepreneurial Life of Doe Deere

Doe Deere, or Xenia Vorotova, is a Russian-born entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, California who has made a huge impact to the society when she introduced makeup products with bright and vivid colors to a lot of consumers online.

How Her Company Started

‘Lime Crime’ was initially the username Doe Deere used in 2004 to register to the eBay website where she sold the fashionable garbs that she had sewn and modeled on her own. In order to provide the potential clients with ideas on how to look great with the clothes she create, Doe often worn radiantly colored cosmetics to complete the appearance. During the same time, she realized that makeup companies rarely produce colorful beautifying items. And that was the reason why in 2008, Deere founded her own company, Lime Crime, where she currently serves as the CEO.

How She Generates New Products

Doe’s fundamental rule is to allow the designs of brand-new cosmetics to enter her mind naturally. The process may take weeks or months, but when a concept does come, she and her entire team act on it on automatic. Other than going to meetings with her staff, Deere personally supervises the laboratory work as well in order to ascertain that there will be no glitches in the manufacturing stage of the products.

Doe Deere does not have make use of ingredients that came from animals either. She is an avid supporter of vegan makeup goods, and her merchandise have the stamp of approval from pro-animal welfare organizations such as Leaping Bunny and PETA for being created without inflicting any harm to the animals.

The Role of Internet to Doe Deere’s Business

Lime Crime is one of the companies at present that does not rely on a physical store to gain or retain clients. Instead, Doe Deere markets the company’s merchandise through a virtual space, as it creates a more satisfying interaction between them and the consumers.

According to Doe, this way of brand advertising did not receive a vote of confidence from many seasoned entrepreneurs because women – her target demographic – traditionally like going to beauty counters to try the cosmetics on rather than view them on paper. She worked around this obstacle, however, and invented the on-lip swatch in which they apply the lipstick on an actual model to give online clients a closer look of the product. It became a trend that a lot of companies soon recreated.

What Helps Her Brand Succeed

The beauty items that Doe Deere craft appeal to the color-loving people since, first and foremost, the brand owner only stands behind merchandise that she appreciates and believes in. In addition, before a specific makeup gets released on the market, Deere makes it a personal duty to test it on herself for several days to ensure that the intensity of the color and the quality of the materials utilized to generate the cosmetics pass her own standards. This simply shows how involved she is in every procedure that her products go through.

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Working To Improve Digital Reputations In So. California

Status Labs recently opened an office in Culver City, California. Status Labs is a reputation management company that serves both individuals and organizations, and there has been a rise in demand for services like theirs in the Los Angeles area. Company CEO Darius Fisher believe that his firm has the best capabilities and connections to serve technology and entertainment clients in the area. Spencer Blye, who was hired to be the business development director, says he is excited to help the company grow on the west coast. Blye also has experience working with companies such as Unilever, Sonos and Verizon.

Darius Fisher feels that Blye’s digital and PR experience will help the company meet the needs of their Los Angeles clients.

Status Labs uses many different methods of maintaining their clients’ online reputations, including perfecting the way they look in search results and on social media.

Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, envisioned the company’s strategy and put it into place by building partnerships. Before Status Labs, he graduated from Vanderbilt University and worked as a political consultant and copywriter.

Fisher believes that the biggest mistake made by executives is not investing in their online reputations, which leaves them vulnerable to a unfavorable digital reputation. Status Labs works to create and promote new content that will be shown when a search is performed. Fisher says that by doing this, he’s giving his clients a change to tell their side of their story online, rather than having only the side the media covered shown.

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