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George Soros Is A True Humanitarian

In a recent online article, the author describes how the billionaire businessman and philanthropist George Soros and several leading Democratic politicians were meeting to reassess the US political landscape following the shocking results of the 2016 presidential election.

As a child, the Hungarian-born Soros survived the atrocities of World War II in Budapest, then immigrated to London, where he studied economics. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Mr. George Soros worked his way up through the financial world until he was able to open his own investment management firm.

For many years, George Soros has supported a wide range of worthwhile causes that benefit people around the world. Although he is one of the world’s most successful financial investors, Mr. Soros has always maintained a keen interest in helping others. He has generously donated large sums of his own money to support human rights, and to help people from all walks of life to be able to experience democracy.

According to this interesting article, the meeting with Mr. George Soros and the high-ranking Democratic officials would involve discussing the importance of party members working together as the Trump administration assumes power. The issue of regaining political power is sure to be discussed extensively in the near future, and the Democrats know that they’re going to have to resist any unfair initiatives put forth by Mr. Trump.

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Instead of a celebratory mood at the meeting, it was likely to be more of a defensive strategy session. With a strong likelihood of Donald Trump attempting to dismantle Obamacare and other current policies, the participants at the meeting certainly have plenty of things to discuss.

George Soros does not attend meetings of the Democracy Alliance or other influential political groups on a regular basis, but his opinions are highly respected. With college degrees in philosophy and economics, this brilliant investor and currency trader has also donated millions of dollars to the Democratic Party.

It is suggested in the article that the Democrats may have to rethink their entire approach and agenda, due to the fact that the Republicans are now in the power seat. Blocks of voters that the Democrats counted on coming out for Hillary Clinton never showed the interest or motivation that they displayed during Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Even though Donald Trump did win a majority of the electoral college votes in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton did actually win the popular vote. While there are sure to be many challenges in America under a Donald Trump presidency, it’s good to know that there are dedicated Democrats such as George Soros who are still out there doing the right thing.

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Ignition Financial……..One Of The Good Guys

When financial times are tough and you are looking to trim your bills down, you will inevitably be asking yourself “How do I slash my payments on my car loan?” It is a great question to ask yourself when your loan payment is one of the highest bills that you have. Many people have asked this through the years, and many people have turned to Ignition Financial for the answer to that question. This is a company that is well stocked with financial experts who are more than just qualified to restructure a car loan, they also want to do their job right and satisfy their customers. People like you.


The process of re-financing your automobile can seem complicated to the average consumer, but it is not as difficult to understand as you may think. Every car loan has a maturity date. A date when the payments are due to be finished being paid off. Changing this date is a part of the refinance process. It is necessary in most cases so the rest of the process can go smoothly. This change is going to reflect a later maturity date either by months or years, depending on the needs of the consumer and any limitations the financial institution that owns the contract may have.


A change in the interest rate that you are paying may also be necessary and, if it is, it almost always works in the consumers favor. Meaning that the interest rate will be lowered. When this happens, the total cost of the vehicle may change as well, depending on the changes made on the term of the loan. These two factors go into determining whether the actual monthly payments will change. The main purpose of a refinance for most people is to “Slash my payments”, so this 3 step process needs to be paid close attention to.


Ignition Financial will walk you through the process at a pace determined by your level of understanding of all of this. They are good at this, they have been in business for a very long time and have dealt with consumers on most every level so there is no need to be embarrassed if you do not know much about this. They understand. They’re one of good guys.

Millenials Have New Ways To Feel Empowered Thanks To Billy McFarland

The Guardian reported that Billy McFarland is only in his twenties and has already achieved a level of success most people only dream of. Upholding his title of prodigy in the industry, he started up the company Magnises back in 2013, which functions as a high class social club, and it has become widely successful in the relatively short time since it launched.

Billy was born and raised in New York, which is also where he graduated from Pingry and went on to attend Bucknell University to get started on his life. Billy McFarland soon found that computer engineering, the major he was studying at Bucknell, wasn’t what he wanted to focus on. He dropped out of the University to pursue his business endeavors, and in this case, he started up Spling, an online advertisement company that helps other businesses improve their site quality to sell their products.

The high class social club, Magnises, is targeted at the millennials of the generation, or more specifically, individuals born between 1982 and 2004. Many of the clubs members are big names in the fields of technology, finances, and even fashion, though all members are required to pay a membership fee which amounts to $250 dollars annually. This is money well spent though, as members are even privileged to special getaways and private concerts.

To date, dozens of different companies have formed partnerships with Magnises, including the likes of Finale, Goldbar, and La Esquina, all of which provide unique benefits to black card members. With thousands of members and still growing, it is safe to say this social club is exactly what the elite working class was looking for. They even have an app for members to stay current with events and unique deals that are available.

Today, Magnises is stationed in a luxurious penthouse suite within a hotel in Rivington, which doubles as a social lounge for its members, who are allowed to host meetings, lectures, parties, and more, with a capacity of 200 people. Currently, membership for the black card is only available throughout Washington DC and New York City, but there are plans in the works to spread into new cities in the near future, such as Boston, Chicago, and even London.

The Rapid Success of the EOS Lip Balms

The modern woman and man is more concerned about using natural beauty products. The concept of natural beauty products is not a new thing. Originally people made their own soap, perfume, and makeup out of mainly natural ingredients. Natural beauty products made a downward spiral when chemical beauty care products proved to be more efficient in some ways and were marketed everywhere. They were sometimes more effective in the short term, but in the long term chemical beauty products may have a negative impact on the health of a person.

The EOS company has quickly grown in popularity. In part this happened because they use natural and organic ingredients to help heal lips. Because so many modern men and women are concerned about using natural beauty care products, the EOS lip balm company deliberately chose to create a lip balm that was certified organic. They knew that by dong this they had a bigger chance of gaining more sales then other lip balm companies that don’t use organic or natural ingredients in their lip balms.

Another step the EOS company took to appeal to more modern generations was to change up the look (see, of their lip balm. Sometimes the same old product makes consumers bored. This is why some soap companies make different shaped soap. This is why some shampoo bottles are vastly different depending on what company makes the product. The EOS lip balm company took that idea and changed the container for their products so they would have a signature look.

With the right marketing EOS became a $250 million company in just seven years. Instead of using the approach other beauty companies have, they took a leaf out of the book of the YouTube beauty vloggers like Michelle Phan. Michelle Phan has marketed several Racked products on her channel and has even marketed her own makeup line on her YouTube channel and social media pages. EOS lip balm followed that marketing concept and marketed their lip balms with the help of YouTube vloggers. They also asked various millennial celebrities to try out to the product and speak positively about it.

Tapping into the thought process of how younger generations select products they want to buy has been the defining part of why the EOS lip balm was so successful. They have truly changed the way new products may succeed or fail in this modern world. Read the full EOS story on