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Kim Dao Reviews Korean Lip Products

Korean lip products are the focus of this video uploaded by beauty and lifestyle video blogger Kim Dao. All of the items that Kim Dao highlights in this video were purchased from Korean Mall, an online site with several varieties of products to choose from. Kim Dao states that she decided to talk about the Korean lip products because there are so many interesting products and brands from Korea that she wanted to share. Kim Dao opens the package revealing fifteen different lip products that she’s going to be applying to her lips throughout the video so that we can see just how well each one works. Kim Dao does state that some of the products may stain her lips a bit so the color may look a bit different, but still it gives the viewer a chance to see how these products may work on them. One of the first products that Kim Dao starts with is the Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense. As Kim Dao is applying the product she mentions that the application is smooth. The color is a bright yet soft shade of pink. Kim Dao not only shares how the lip products work in this video, but she also shares how to properly store the products so that they don’t become damaged in your purse or makeup bag.

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Securus Technologies is working to make the world a safer place

The ways in which technology has helped solve crimes in modern day would not have been possible decades ago. With every new wireless technology device being created a suspect leaves more clues. We often leave digital footprints without even realizing it. All kinds of posts on social media and text messages reveal locations, times and clues as to who suspects most reliable contacts are.


Securus Technologies is a global leader in producing technology to help public safety officials watch over inmates, find more clues during an investigation, and help prevent crimes by monitoring areas. Lots of cameras and sensors can help warn someone if a crime is likely to happen before it actually does.


There have been a number of positive comments from clients. They have said that their technology has helped prevent and solve crimes and prevent inmate altercations. They have a whole stack of letters from companies around the world thanking Securus Technologies for making their work environment a better place. Richard Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said that the company is working to send out a new product every week for prison officials and police personnel.


Day by day Securus Technologies gets thousands of emails about their new products and great ideas for keeping the world a safer place. Even inmates and their family members have commented.


Securus Technologies headquarters is located in Texas and has worked with over 300,000 different law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. Over one million inmates have used the companies technology or has been monitored by it. Securus technologies is dedicated to providing critical response to all potential crimes.


The company also helps with investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management and inmate services. To learn more about all of the technology solutions that are offered by Securus Technologies visit their website.

Marc Spark’s Passion in Helping People through All Aspects of Life

In 2015, Marc Sparks stated that the procedure of beginning an enterprise involves acquiring the necessary resources to ensure the success. Marc Sparks is the chief executive officer of Timber Creek Capital LP. He relocated the business’ offices to accommodate the collaboration of innovative technology that will help in assisting entrepreneurs to transform their start-ups into money making ventures. He stated that the design of Timber Creel Capital LP allows them to host a maximum of three different firms and add to the 25 percent of conditions required to create success.

According to Mark, a quality and collaborative environment determine 25 percent of a company’s success potential. He explained that it is vital for firm owners to spend most of their time ensuring that the environment of their waking time cultivates maximum productivity.

Marc Sparks said that the primary objective of setting up Timber Creek Capital is to help entrepreneurs achieve their expected goals. Marc values focus, passion, tenacity, faith, monetization and time management in his quest of helping start-ups succeed.

Marc’s detailed analysis of the relationship between a business’ success and an environment is available in his published book; They Can’t Eat You. The book explains the various journeys a firm grows through to overcome failures and achieve consistent success. Apart from taking up a handful of companies for mentorship, Marc is an active philanthropist with notable contributions to Habitat for Humanity, Sparkey’s Kids, AmeriCan! Academy, and The Samaritan Inn, with which he has a 30-year relationship.

Samaritan Inn is a shelter for homeless people that accommodates a maximum of 160 individuals per night for a maximum of five months. The program helps people in need of support to pull themselves out of their situation and start a better life.

The organization offers counseling, job placements, financial education, health programs and family services. Marc has expressed his deep passion for the program by revealing that he is often moved to tears when the residents graduate and continue to afford better lives for themselves.

Marc Sparks graduated from high school in 1975, in Austin Texas and firmly believes that his C+ high school qualification could not stop God’s grace from helping him operate million dollar enterprises. Marc states that despite his lack of training in the businesses he is currently involved in, he was born with a keen intuition that allows him to buy, build and sell successful companies.

Marc keeps his stress levels low by engaging in a healthy outdoor lifestyle that involves hiking, biking, fishing, golfing and travel. Marc adores traveling and has a record of traveling around the world in just twenty-three days. He explained that he acquires most of his inspiration from traveling than from any other activity.

Kim Dao Gives a Comprehensive View of Her Japanese Apartment



Kim Dao is a famous Australian blogger and YouTuber. She is an alumnus of the University of Western Australia where she pursued Japanese and Psychology. Her love for makeup, fashion and traveling saw her create a blog and YouTube channel immediately after moving to Japan. Using these platforms, she shares her experiences and her every day’s life endeavors. Currently, Kim Dao has over 304,000 YouTube subscribers. In one of her videos, Kim Dao shared her experience in her Japanese apartment.


Kim Dao’s Living Room


Kim Dao’s apartment is breathtaking. On the entrance, she has a little mailbox where she places all her letters. At the further end, there is a place where she puts her shoes upon arrival to avoid dirtying the house. On the upper side of the entrance, she has a shelf where she sets her towels, shower cap, hair dryer and an iron box. On the lower side of the shelf, Kim Dao has a closet where she keeps all her shoes. On another corner, she places her washing machine, vacuum cleaner and some card boxes.


Kim Dao’s Bathroom


Kim Dao’s bathroom has all the basics of any another bathroom. It has a bathtub, a mirror, shampoos, toothbrushes, and slippers, which she puts on when the bathroom is wet. Close nearby is an entrance to the toilet, which has a shelf on its upper part where she places new tissue papers.


Kim Dao’s Kitchen and Bedroom


Kim Dao’s kitchen is very tiny but contains all the essential item a kitchen needs like a sink, fridge, shelf, cooking stove and many others. Her bedroom has all the girly stuff. Kim’s bed is decorated with Pikachu collection. Adjacent is a large closet where she stores her suitcases and clothes. Kim Dao also has a study table and a large glass window, which faces her neighborhood.

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Economist, Public Speaker, Philanthropist- Erick Pulier

Erick Pulier can be described as a man who is involved in many activities in the community. Erick knew at an early age what he wanted in life. He was born in Teaneck New Jersey and an early age he began programming computers. Erick was determined, and in High School, he founded his first data base computer company. Pulier graduated from high school, and he went to Harvard University in 1984 where he studied English and American Literature. Mr. Erick was an editor, and he wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson.

Erick Pulier is a devoted man, and in 1991 he moved to Los Angeles where he established another company known as People Doing Things. The primary organization focus was in education, health care, and other issues which were addressed through the use of technology. Mr. Erick did not rest there he went ahead to create another firm in 1994 called Interactive Agency Digital Evolution. In 1998 the organization amalgamated with US Interactive LLC.

Erick Pulier can well be described as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, columnist, a public speaker and he is also founder and co-founder of more than 15 companies. Mr. Erick has also invested in Venture Capital Funds and several charitable organizations in the United States. Some of Pulier’s investments include Monitor Ventures, companies, Trident Capital, and the most recent one being a new team in an alliance. Pulier has also contributed much in several startups in the media and technology industry, and the startups have been a success.

Erick is not only an economist and an entrepreneur, but he is also involved in some community and charitable activities in the society. Erick is on the Board of Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for children with chronic illness. Mr. Pulier also sits on the modernization Board of the EPRIZE Foundation. Throughout his career, Erick has shown excellent leadership skills, and he was chosen to build as well as run the Bridge to 21st Century for the Bill Clinton and Al Gore, which was being constructed to honor their second inaugural ceremony. Erick Pulier is a father of four and lives in Los Angeles, California.


Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties are Moguls in Real Estate Development

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani founded DAMAC properties in 2002. The focus of the company is to develop residential, commercial and leisure properties in Dubai and the Middle East. DAMAC headquarters is Dubai and in addition to developing properties, the company invests in real estate projects.


The DAMAC Company is also involved in the food business. In fact Sajwani provided food service to the United States during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. In fact, the food service business was the first undertaking for Sajwani and serves as a reminder of how he got his start and how he has the ability to cultivate important friends in high places.


In 2002, Sanjawi, although doing well in the food service industry, he decided property and real estate was the coming boom for the Mid East. Even though, the first wave of development for DAMAC was mid-level properties, Sajwani saw the real challenge was in top range properties. DAMAC market top range properties with a great deal of aggressiveness and the gamble paid off.


When real estate hit the skids in 2008, Sajwani and DAMAC were one of the first to identify the crisis. When sales dropped drastically, Sajwani took immediate action and cut costs across the board in order to preserve cash. The aggressive action paid off as when the real estate industry turned around, DAMAC was in very good shape. They had a solid cash reserve to return to their normal manner of business.


Sajwani and DAMAC developed a business model based on three principles. The first principle is to hold no doubt for the land. The cost of such land is always paid in full at the beginning of the project. The second principle is to keep escrow accounts independent. Cash is never transferred from one account to another keeping all developments the ability to support itself. The third principle is to always retain cash reserves. All accounts are fixed deposits or government bonds so if the markets hits a downturn, projects can continue on remain on schedule.


Sajwani and President Donald Trump have an ongoing business relationship. The duo collaborated on Trump International Golf Club where villas, at the luxury level, bring in almost $2 billion every year. Now that Trump is the President of the United States, Sajwani is still interested in business dealing with the Trump Organization, which will be operated by Trump’s two oldest sons, Donald, Jr. and Eric.


Sajwani and DAMAC are looking forward to extending his relationship with the Trump Organization. He likes the methods the Organization use to develop property, as well as run the Organization. The Trumps all pay attention to detail and defend their brand admirably. DAMAC and Sajwani like to work with American companies and include Bechtel among their American associations.

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