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Eric LefofskyAnd Tempus Help Cancer Patients

There are many parts to fighting cancer. One of the biggest parts of it is the actual fight. The medicines, the opportunities and even the surgeries that people need to go through to be able to get rid of cancer. All of these make it hard to deal with things but something that many people do not think about is the way that the person feels. Tempus is aiming to do that. Not only are they involved in cancer research to help make the disease more manageable and less fatal but they are also working to make sure that the people are able to get the help that they need from the different opportunities.

When it comes to Tempus, Eric Lefofsky knows that it is something that is close to his heart. His wife had cancer and he realized that it was something that could turn a person upside down. He also saw the direct effects that cancer has on a family unit. Eric wanted to make sure that nobody else had to deal with it in a way that others had to. He knew what it was like to do it comfortably and with money but he had no idea how hard it would be to do it without any money or a job to be able to help out.

Eric Lefofsky created Tempus in combination with an expert geneticist. Together, they worked to come up with options for people with cancer. Not only did they work to create medicinal opportunities and even alternative methods of taking care of it but they also worked to make sure that they were helping people who had cancer get the emotional care that they needed, too. It was a way for them to make a difference for those who suffered from cancer.

Madison Street Capital Brings Recapitalization Deal To Ares

Madison Street Capital is one of the most prominent restructuring organizations that has served big businesses and executives from all around the globe. They were recently chosen to bring a recapitalization deal to Ares Security Corporation. This company is a leading enterprise network security firm, and thanks to a debt investment that Madison Street Capital made for them, they’ll be able to finance further deals that come in the future. Ares also partnered with Corbel Structured Equity Partners to make sure all angles of this deal were covered.


Madison Street Capital is an investment bank firm based in Chicago that has partners in equity and securities from all across the globe. Madison Street Capital reputation is among the highest in the financial markets as they have some of the top experts working with their firm including CEO Charles Botchway, Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala, Managing Director Joseph Alioto and Senior Managing Director Reginald McGaugh. They service transactions and restructuring deals in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and logistics. They have helped companies add to their operations and locations and have procured funding from quality investors.


Madison Street Capital has covered a wide framework for transactions including mergers and acquisitions, valuations, tax plans and other institutional settlements. Mergers and acquisitions often need the guidance of legal experts because while many general business buyouts can be processed without intermediaries, large buyouts or leveraged buyouts between two or more giant corporations have a lot of angles that must be covered and sometimes need a team of attorneys to make sure they are done properly. Madison Street Capital has such people that can oversee areas such as shareholder agreements and executive changes that come as a result of a big buyout.


In wealth preservation, tax planning and business exit strategies, sometimes a plan needs to be in place for when the original owners and executives retire and plan to sell the business to someone outside the original ownership. Madison Street Capital can help make sure that no funds after the tax of such a sale are left inside business equity or liquid assets. They can also help make sure the new owners or executives are not left with heavy debt or unsettled issues.

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Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days with the WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

The WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner was recently put to an open test with awesome results. Posting the results of her experiment online, Emily McClure spent a week using the product exclusively and documented her results on a daily basis. Let us go through the highlights of her weeklong experiment to get some practical insights.

The first thing she noticed what that she had less hair falling off in the shower when using Wen hair by Chaz. The hair feels fuller and more energetic with added bounce and shine. It is recommended to use the Sephora endorsed product on a daily basis. Through day three and four, the hair continued to maintain a shiny look with enhanced volume.

By day five, she discovered that even styling the hair becomes easier after using the conditioner. If you decide to curl, the waves come faster especially with the type of thin hair that she has. By day six, the shine was noticeable even to colleagues. The conditioner also makes your curling and styling experience quicker with great results. The verdict? WEN by Chaz is an excellent option for those with fine hair and a habit of cleaning and styling their hair each morning.

It adds a little extra shine that is bound to get you noticed quickly. The application is straightforward, and it just takes a small slice of your shower time. WEN by Chaz is an amazing hair care product that is designed to make your styling a one-step process. One cleansing conditioner includes five elements; styling treatment components, deep conditioner, shampoo, leave-in conditioner and hair detangler.

These are presented in formulations that are excellent for any hair type. WEN by Chaz is famous for innovative adverts on TV promising luscious hair with added shine, bounce and moisture. WEN by Chaz is guaranteed to make your hair easier to manage, softer and silkier. More product information can be found on the Wen Wikipedia Page.

Bruno Fagali | Undivided Dedication to Follow Compliance Law

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney known for his strictness in applying compliance rules within legal services. Bruno, who is the founder of FAGALI Advocacy, specializes in Public and Anti-Corruption Law most handling urban law, administrative contracts, bidding law, administrative improbity actions, and regulatory law. He also deals with administrative and civil liability processes among many other areas.

Bruno’s Measures to Fight Corruption

The problem of corruption within public funds is popular in Brazil, and for this reason, Bruno Fagali has started several a cleanup systems. The initiative behind these systems is to drive various firms and different departments to apply integrity while applying or getting government tenders. Bruno works towards helping corporates initiate transparency within organization level by applying ethic drives and special training. Over the past few years, Bruno Fagali’s efforts have received a lot of attention considering the revelation of corruption scandals within the country.

Anti-Corruption Campaign

Bruno Fagali uses his company FAGALI Advocacy to practice public law, election, anti-corruption, and compliance, the four pillars that are believed to be the foundation of social equality. Also, Bruno works with as the Corporate Integrity Manager for nova/sb, a renowned advertising firm in Brazil which focuses on government advertisement campaigns as well as campaigns for international organizations such as the International Labor Organization and World Health Organization.

Career History and Education

Before opening his firm, Bruno Fagali practiced as an intern since 2006 where he worked for various law firms. He also practiced law at Radi, Calil, and Associates advocacy after which he received a scholarship to San Paulo University where he earned his master’s degree. Bruno Fagali holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Pontifical Catholic University, San Paulo which he received in 2006. He later joined Brazilian Society of Public Law, Institute of Administrative Law Paulista, RHS Bids, and Getilio Vargas Foundation all where he wanted to further his knowledge in law.

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Journey in a Car of Indulgence at Beverly Hills Auto Group

BMW’s are luxurious cars. The problem is making the decision between new or used vehicle.Purchasing a pre-owned might be the best solution. There are a few beneficial factors that can be drawn from owning a used BMW car. First, the certification process of the cars obtains up to date information and inspections on all vital systems of the vehicle. Secondly, purchasing the care is a remarkable investment and entails that your return of investment is satisfactory. Selecting any used vehicle can be problematic. So, when buying a used BMW, a protection plan should be attached, covering up to 100,000 miles or six years. Beverly Hills Auto Group will be the perfect place in choosing a car, for they have done the work for you. They do so by alleviating stress and resolving questions on purchasing the right used BMW for you.


Choosing the perfect car to fit your needs can be tedious and an exhausting process. Dealing with a salesperson that will challenge you in going out of your budget and your model for the car, can be intimidating. Well, that is not the case with Beverly Hills Auto Group. Beverly Hills Auto Group delivers exceptional service and does not compress or coerce their customers in the negotiation process. Not only will they help with finding a feasible automobile of your choice, but if you need assistance in payment for the vehicle, Beverly Hills Auto Group will supply up to 48 commercial lenders that can aid in your financial needs. The employees of Beverly Hills Auto Group are devoted, faithful and ambitious to ensure that each customer leaves their business satisfied.

Litigator Karl Heideck Specializes In Commercial Litigation

Litigator Karl Heideck Specializes In Commercial Litigation

Litigator Karl Heideck Specializes In Commercial Litigation

A litigation attorney is a type of lawyer who works with their client through all phases of the civil law and litigation process, from the investigation and pleadings through the entire trial, settlement, and appeal. There may be long hours of desk work and research leading up to the trial, followed by intense civil case arguments, and through all of it, the litigator must work closely with their own client and have a thorough understanding of what is at stake.

That they follow the process from end to end distinguishes them from a trial lawyer, although often times they take on that role as the occasion demands. Their standard educational background is law school, followed by the bar exam.

Litigator Karl Heideck specializes in Risk Management and Compliance Practices in the greater Philadelphia area from his office in Jenkintown. He has ten years of experience practicing law and is a lawyer in good standing with the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Karl Heideck has come to specialize in areas of the commercial law world, taking cases in varied avenues such as product liabilities, commercial litigation, and employment law. Furthermore, he also has developed skill sets for legal writing and research, which are key aspects of a successful litigation attorney. He currently works for Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Karl Heideck’s educational background bears out his current credentials. He studied English and Literature at Swarthmore College, then he was accepted into the Tempe University Beasley School of Law, where he would later graduate with honors. Like all litigation attorneys, he passed the bar exam of his state in order to practice law, and it is not uncommon for litigators such as Karl Heideck to do very well in law school itself, as research and legal theory are critical parts of their careers after they graduate.

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Jason Halpern Real Estate Development Portfolio and Philanthropy

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Developers in the US real estate market face a number of challenges; key among them economic uncertainty, technological disparities and loss of talent to other industries due to ineffective mentoring. One real estate developer who has managed to stay on top of things to steer his company to greater heights is James Halpern, the Principal and Founder of JMH Development and the Director of Parametric Dining LLC. According to, the JMH real estate outfit is a leading full-service company that specializes in developing and managing residential, commercial and mixed-use properties in the lucrative Miami Beach, Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York markets.

Besides property development, the firm also offers expertise on site and building design and marketing and branding to its vast portfolio of clients. The success JMH has achieved over the years is largely attributed to its unrelenting commitment to deliver the highest quality and sustainable properties. This, coupled with its long enduring philosophy of preserving historical sites through restoration and adaptive reuse has earned it top marks and favor in the eyes of clients and industry leaders. Halpern’s involvement in real estate can be traced to the family blood lines. According to PRNewswire, his family has been in the development industry for over 5 decades, a feat that led him to establish JMH in 2010.

Some of the outstanding developments undertaken by the company in recent times include $500 million investment in a number of properties in the New York. One of the properties is the prestigious 184 Kent Avenue that involved converting a warehouse into a 340 room luxury apartment. The firm is also responsible for developing luxury Townhouses of Cobble Hill in the Brooklyn Area.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

The other outstanding project is the completion of the 235 room Aloft South Beach hotel located at the heart of Miami Beach. This was the first hotel to be unveiled in South Beach since 2009. It features unique architecture, spacious rooms averaging 360 sq ft and World-Class amenities such as outdoor pool, 24-hour fitness center, meeting space and roof deck lounge.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

The 2,300 sq ft plus meeting space is highly ideal for social and business meetings. The hotel is constructed in a waterfront location with close proximity to museums, art galleries, shopping district and restaurants. In terms of Philanthropy, Halpern has offered a lot of his resources and time to uplift the fortunes of the less fortunate in the society. According to an excerpt on, one of the efforts is the establishment of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center located at the Winchester Medical Center in memory of his late father. The center specializes in trauma and also helps heart patients and those who require orthopedic and neurological attention.