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Greg Secker: the man Championing Forex Trading Training all Around the World

It is often said that if you want to increase your savings or disposable income the surest strategy is to reduce your spending. However, an equally effective strategy is to increase your incomes. Foreign exchange (forex) trading presents an avenue for increasing your revenue. However, despite the numerous compelling reasons to engage in forex trading, many are still too scared to try it out. Fortunately, one man has been on a mission to change this trend. Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and, most importantly, a highly effective forex trader. He has in recent years decided to openly share his years of experience with willing listeners so as to have them include fore trading among their investment portfolios.

According to Greg Secker, it has never been a better time to get involved with forex trading. With a large number of brokers and trading platforms available, it has never been easier to start. Additionally, many of these platforms are online-based and allow for unlimited opportunities for practice so that one can develop the required skill and discipline needed to become a successful trader.

Like most people, Greg Secker did not start out to be a forex trader. Born in Norfolk, England, he studied Food Sciences and Agriculture at the University of Nottingham. He had to learn and master the craft of forex trading. Despite his lack of knowledge in finance, he started practicing forex trading while at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It was at this early stage that he cultivated and mastered the discipline and trading strategies that have lifted him to become one of the most respected forex traders in the world. Further, his meteoric rise to the top of forex without an educational background in it proves that anyone can prosper within the practice.

This is a message Greg Secker has consistently sold in the financial trading seminars he holds every year in various locations around the world. Anyone can gain control over their finances and investments, such as forex trading, so long as they have the right tools at their disposal. These seminars have reached hundreds of thousands of people even in developing countries such as the Philippines and Ghana.


Kim Dao And Toph See A New Pokémon Film In Tokyo

Beauty vlogger Kim Dao is obsessed with Pokémon. Once she heard that “Pokémon The Movie XYZ” was playing at a nearby theatre, she started planning her movie date. She vlogged her movie night out and posted it online under the title “Movie Date in Shibuya | New Camera! | I got nudes | KimDao in JAPAN.


Kim Dao starts this video off in Shibuya walking towards the movie theatre. When she gets there, Kim Dao introduces us to Toph, a fellow YouTuber and Pokémon buff. Learn more:


As they’re walking to the ticket counter, Kim Dao explains that she bought her movie tickets in advance at the Tokyo Pokémon Center. As they look at the times listed for “Pokémon The Movie XYZ,” Toph and Kim decide to go to the 4:45pm showing.


Since they have a few hours before their movie starts, Kim Dao and Toph decide to do a bit of shopping around Shibuya. Learn more:


The first shop Kim Dao and Toph visit is called Loft. As they are leaving the store, Kim and Toph both buy discounted Pikachu shirts. Kim says each shirt was only $15.


Before heading into the movie, Kim Dao is tempted to buy a special edition Pikachu popcorn bucket. Although the bucket is really cute, Kim Dao decides to saves some money and just get a regular order of popcorn. Learn more:


After the movie, Kim Dao says the film was really good and easy to follow. Kim and Toph then critique a few past Pokémon films.


To close out the video with a bang, Kim Dao buys a brand new camera and orders a matcha shake at Ben & Jerry’s.



Fabletics Takes the World By Storm with Help from Kate Hudson

To date there has been a limited number of companies out there that have been able to promote an item that is actually being used by the person endorsing it. There are a few celebrities out there who do use the item they are selling but that number is very small. For Kate Hudson, when she was approached about endorsing something, she knew it had to be something she would use herself. That is why Fabletics was the choice for her.


Kate Hudson knew nothing about business prior to becoming involved with Fabletics. When she was approached by TechStyle, she knew that it would be a huge success. Before then, all athletic wear that was on the market were dull, black or grey. There was no athletic wear that was on the market that was stylish. TechStyle knew that they wanted to change that and with Kate Hudson promoting it, the brand was bound to be successful.


When approached by the company, Kate knew that she needed a company who had experience in funding and that knew about the fashion world online. The company also needed to have resources which is why TechStyle was the best choice.


Kate Hudson is someone who is approachable. She is easy going and isn’t a serious individual. She likes to have fun but spends her time focused on the healthy lifestyle. She works out religiously and this makes the clothes that much more desirable. That is why the company is so well liked and at the top of the market for workout gear.


Fabletics offers its members the ability to take the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz is designed to help individuals learn what the best style is for their workout gear. The quiz is aimed to help people to choose the best outfit for them and to remember their choices for future orders. This allows people to keep track of the choices that they like and to order the same outfit more than once. A personal shopper is the next best thing to this quiz.


Now that Fabletics has taken off, the company has opened a number of retail stores but continues to make the sales through the use of online shops like Amazon. Online orders are where Fabletics sells the most however since the opening of their retail stores, more people are shopping for the workout gear. By being able to order online and shopping in stores, Fabletics is a major competitor for athletic wear.

Closure of live nation and rise of rock nation

Live Nation contract with Jay Z is approaching to a closing stage. Jay Z is now sounding out a new music industry bigwig . This new deal is in relation to compelling a part in his documented music alum in Roc Nation. In 2008 he signed a 10- year contract for Live Nation and the 360 agreement is up till next year. This could activate a situation where both side possibly will dispose their prize in Rock Nation for the additional or purchase the firm completely. Sources say that Live Nation would like to prolong the profitable contract with Jay Z but they are quitting from documented music side.  Check for related article.

A song insider assumed which the 360 contract with Jay Z would not be prolonged. The Insider added that the deal will be terminated regardless of Live Nation having credited into the artist privileges and documented music. This is because Live Nation was no longer in the trade of purchasing live music any longer. Some of Rock Nations artists include Fat Joe, Jay Z, Meek Mill, Rihanna, and Shakira. It is still reported that Jay Z still has a strong association with Live Nation which Live Nation would want to maintain. Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez and Jay Z and bumped into with Sir Grainge who is the CEO of Universal Music Group. This sparked speculations of UMG buying a proportion in Rock Nation. This would be more resourceful move to Jay Z on developing new artists. Additional article on

Desiree Perez also known is Des Perez. Know her more, hop over to  She has been Jay Z’s associate for almost 20 years. She has a reliable track record of managing the SC Enterprise. She has demonstrated to be good at the job especially when it comes to crunching members. For Dez latest tweets, check twitter@desireeperez01.   She is a strong and fierce negotiator. She has played a part in negotiating the Beyoncé Formation stadium. Also, she was behind the Rihanna Samsung deal. She is part of a collective that runs the entire operation for Roc Nation. This collective behind Tidal and is called Hova Circle of Influence.  Head over to for more reading.

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Brown Modeling Agency Puts Texas Talent on the Map

After moving to Austin in 2005, Justin Brown felt a connection with the city. After years of working through college as a model in California, he then focused on behind the scenes work in the area of developing new talent and job placement. Brown had studied the area of Business Management while in college and decided to put his education and experience together to form the Brown Modeling Agency. After falling in love with Austin and realizing that it was large enough to nurture a modeling and talent business, he merged his former Wilhelmena Brown Agency and Heyman Talent South to focus on both models and talent of all kinds.

Brown had been working in the model development area in Austin since 2005 and had started his own full service company called JB Models and Talent by 2008. His past experience in the industry gave him access to other agencies in Los Angeles and New York, but many of his clients did not want to move into a larger market. After Wilhelmina licensed his company in 2010, many more resources became available in the areas of print, runway and commercials. He acquired Heyman Talent South a few years later and formed the Brown Modeling Agency. He loves the local talent of Austin and values the funky, cool vibe that is a hallmark of Austin culture. He acqires models and talent from both Austin and Dallas and considers them to be the heart of his business and the main means of his agency’s success.

Setting out with the goal of making a full service leader in the industry, Brown has taken his Brown Modeling Agency to a level not previously seen in Texas before. His talent and models have been seen in many national campaigns including Toyota, L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Dell and many others. Fashion models from Brown Modeling Agency have been featured walking runways for Fashion Week in New York, Dallas and Austin as well as Miami Swim Week and countless others.

Brown set out to develop an agency that establishes talent and creative standards in his Austin agency which were once known only to the largest markets. His experience and dedication to surrounding himself with the best models and talent available has led Brown Modeling Agency to quickly become a top industry leader.




Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Hero

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – True Press
Grupo Televisa holds popularity in multiple countries around the nation through many forms, such as print, television and radio. In addition, popular social networks further promote the news spread through this special agency. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and others are just a few examples. The sky’s the limit, as they say, and the moon and the stars are never out of reach for the all that this company has done and continues to do for Mexico. It’s important to fight for your rights, whether you live in Mexico or not.

Whatever country you are a citizen of should be privileged to have you. You should continue to fight for its rights if you wish to dwell safely within it. Today’s current economic and social messes are wide disasters, such as those seen in Mexico, and they should only be stopped at the first opportunity according to It all begins with spreading the truth and letting people know how dangerous the situation really is. In Mexico, it involves many factors that are not only economical but social and physical as well: Drug trafficking, immigration and human rights stand among the top factors today.


Most media companies have taken advantage of their opportunity and spread further lies about how the situation really is in order to gain unfair advantages, which has only further ruined the country as a whole. We must thank God that organizations like Grupo Televisa exist, for without them, all may perhaps have been lost many years ago. If all companies were as good as this one, it would be a happy day indeed, so do not lose hope: Evil’s not the victor here.

There still a chance to save Mexico. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has said it many times in the last few days: It begins with personal integrity, which is always a matter of the heart. Morals and values always come from within. You must begin by determining what you believe, who and what you’ll stand for and what you have always fought for.

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