And The 2016 WebRTC Product Of The Year Award Goes To Talk Fusion For Their Video Chat

Online marketing leader Technology Marketing Corporation presented this year’s award to Talk Fusion for their video chat service. The judges were impressed with the work that the company has done on the video chat. The company TMC, who gives out the award loved the fact that Talk Fusion made the platform easy to use and user friendly and that it solves real world problems.Yahoo reported about the award winning company here:

As for the company Talk Fusion, they have so much to offer. Small business and larger scale business people have been using their platform for years to promote products and keep up with client’s customer service issues. Business people also are using the video chat to educate both customers and their sales teams about anything and everything product related.

Talk Fusion has quickly become a leader in the global market in the industry of video marketing solutions. They are helping business and everyday people change their lives using the video marketing solutions that they have developed.

Talk Fusion markets their products person to person and it is all done by individual associates who are independent. Talk Fusion is in more than 140 countries world wide. Bob Reina established the company and is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Bob makes sure the company adheres to business practices that are very ethical and of the highest standards. Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Talk Fusion offers many products that are helping the business world to stay connected and reach their goals. The system is easy to use too. The user simply films a short video. This could be a sales message or an instructional video or anything at all. Next they send that video in an email to their prospects or whoever. That is only one service that Talk Fusion offers. The service they won the award for is their outstanding video chat. The video chat allows people to use their cameras and the Talk Fusion platform to hold live meetings and chat to each other. It is also easy to use and people love it. Talk Fusion is offering users a trail at no cost so that they can see the power of this award winning platform.

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