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Jason Hope: Futurist, Investor, Philanthropist, and Arizona Native

With a firm footing in the tech world, Jason Hope has been able to follow his passion by furthering visionary projects in business, healthcare, and technology. Believing that advancement in these fields will improve the human condition and enjoyment of the lives of all. Hope has dedicated his time and effort in cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs, and has gone above and beyond in charitable donations towards fighting the negative effects of aging.

After receiving his MBA from Arizona State University, Hope had been inspired by mobile communication technology. Starting his own company would lay a foundation for his future in medical and technology research. Hope was instantly profitable, encouraging himself to build his portfolio by investing in other companies and individuals. Though his commitment to the future goes far beyond mere business interest. Hope’s charity work for SENS Foundation, a nonprofit research foundation, may help us greatly increase our life spans.

Founded in 2009 the SENS foundation’s goal has been to transform the way the world researches and treats age related disease. Along with in-house research, the foundation has taken part in research with many ivy league schools such as Harvard, Cambridge and Yale. Dealing specifically with the underlying damage done by age related disease, the SENS Foundation has drawn many wealthy donors. Hope himself pledged $500,000 in 2010, and has since given over a million. His dedication to the cause has led him to take part in the outreach program. Believing that the foundations prevention over treatment approach will revolutionize the industry.

To some simply waiting for innovation is not enough. To some the future we dream about is not set in stone. Some men are driven towards the future, with a clear vision on what that future could be. As a futurist, Jason Hope believes the world is what we make it, and that we must stay conscious of that fact. Steps made today to further research could mean life changes technology in the future. Jason Hope (@jasonhope) commitment and dedication could be the key to a better tomorrow.

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