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Handy Cleaning Services Customers Time

Handy Cleaning Services is one of the best companies for people that want to get excellent cleaning services. This is a company that has managed to build a huge audience in a short time frame. Many people may not have heard of Handy, but this company is building a presence in the cleaning industry. There are ton of people that are getting all of the cleaning outsourced because this gives them more hours in their day.

No one has more than 24 hours in their day, but everyone can make their time count for more when they hire someone else to do the work in the home. Handy Cleaning Services ( is a company that also has more than a few services that reach beyond the scope of cleaning. There are plumbers and electricians available. There are painters. This is a company that has a plethora of different things for people that don’t want to contact a ton of different companies every time that there is a problem in the home.

Handy Cleaning is the company that has emerged with the victory when it comes to securing customers that want their homes cleaned in a timely manner. There is a high level of difficulty that comes with getting customers to trust strangers that come into the home to do a job. Luckily, Handy has a reputation that has allowed people to trust what these contractors are doing. Background checks are being performed, and the workers are working under the agreement of money back guarantees. This makes them a lot more conscious of what they are doing. It makes the workers work harder to earn repeat business. This is the foundation of success and profitability for Handy. It makes people notice what this company is doing. This results in positive word-of-mouth buzz.


Handy – popular home cleaning service

Handy has filled a growing need in today’s busy and hectic world by providing an essential service to harried homemakers, singles and commercial customers. In a Do-it-yourself environment, many are tempted to do cleanup, maintenance or other projects and wind up with making expensive mistakes or not being able to complete them. The two-career economic necessities have put many households into a scheduling quandry that Handy has the ability to solve.

using the “Uber” model of independent contractors operating under the corporate umbrella with a phone app connector, the home-cleaning, furniture assembly and project-based business has seen its overall income rise to over 1 million a week.Contractors advertise their specialty and compete for business. Appointments are fit to the client and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Unlike handyman services (see, that are usually available online or in the phone directory, the client can deal directly with an independent contractor who has the experience and skills to do the jo exactly as expected.

According to randyreport.blogspot, the universal appeal to both contractors and clients is a “given”. The contractors have access to clients and wages are much higher than being employed in a traditional home cleaning company. Clients are able to select a specialty and arrange with the contractor what is to be done, where and when as well as setting a price.

Handy is expanding and will be a benefit to those who need cleaning,assembly projects, and things done at home and have little time to manage everything. This is a service whose time has truly come. Visit to learn more.