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Bruno Fagali | Undivided Dedication to Follow Compliance Law

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney known for his strictness in applying compliance rules within legal services. Bruno, who is the founder of FAGALI Advocacy, specializes in Public and Anti-Corruption Law most handling urban law, administrative contracts, bidding law, administrative improbity actions, and regulatory law. He also deals with administrative and civil liability processes among many other areas.

Bruno’s Measures to Fight Corruption

The problem of corruption within public funds is popular in Brazil, and for this reason, Bruno Fagali has started several a cleanup systems. The initiative behind these systems is to drive various firms and different departments to apply integrity while applying or getting government tenders. Bruno works towards helping corporates initiate transparency within organization level by applying ethic drives and special training. Over the past few years, Bruno Fagali’s efforts have received a lot of attention considering the revelation of corruption scandals within the country.

Anti-Corruption Campaign

Bruno Fagali uses his company FAGALI Advocacy to practice public law, election, anti-corruption, and compliance, the four pillars that are believed to be the foundation of social equality. Also, Bruno works with as the Corporate Integrity Manager for nova/sb, a renowned advertising firm in Brazil which focuses on government advertisement campaigns as well as campaigns for international organizations such as the International Labor Organization and World Health Organization.

Career History and Education

Before opening his firm, Bruno Fagali practiced as an intern since 2006 where he worked for various law firms. He also practiced law at Radi, Calil, and Associates advocacy after which he received a scholarship to San Paulo University where he earned his master’s degree. Bruno Fagali holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Pontifical Catholic University, San Paulo which he received in 2006. He later joined Brazilian Society of Public Law, Institute of Administrative Law Paulista, RHS Bids, and Getilio Vargas Foundation all where he wanted to further his knowledge in law.

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