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No Proper Haircut in Venezuela

How does it feel to get a bad haircut? Most customers will blame the barber, but in Venezuela you can blame Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, the drought, and even low oil prices.
One of such customers is Carmela de la Hoz from Maracaibo, Venezuela. As The Times of India portray, the lady had to walk out from a hairstylist with her hair half cut.

But, Ms. de la Hoz didn’t deserve such a fate. Simply according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez, the power went off while her haircut was being done. And it wasn’t plain bad luck- power shortages are a common thing in this South American nation, which currently is going through the most severe recession in the world.

Another problem that Jose Manuel shared is that when you walk away from a service, or a purchase, things will get more expensive when you come back a little later.