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Life Line Screening and Excellent Lifestyle Adjustments

Cardiovascular diseases kills so many people in the United States on an yearly basis. It kills a shocking 600,000 American people annually. Studies show that heart disease involves roughly 25 percent of all fatalities. Cardiovascular disease kills countless women and men alike all of the time. It’s critical to note, too, that lifestyle problems may come into play. Lifestyle changes may be able to minimize deaths that stem from heart disease. Diet adjustments may be able to minimize them as well.

Preventative screenings may be part of lifestyle tweaks that can help people steer clear of the dangers of heart disease. These tests can be helpful for an array of reasons. They can narrow down potential issues in their earliest phases. They can do this prior to symptoms popping up. They can offer another invaluable advantage, too. These tests can encourage human beings to take health matters a lot more seriously. They can prompt them to adjust their lifestyles and behavioral patterns in order to strengthen wellness and perhaps even longevity. People who want to be alive and happy for as long as possible, because of that, may want to consider investing in regular preventative screening tests.

People frequently say that heart disease kills individuals in a quiet manner. It’s not unheard of for people to be 100 percent oblivious about the fact that they’re walking around with cardiovascular disease. This is troubling. People who have heart disease are in many cases devoid of problematic symptoms for a long while. That’s the reason cardiovascular disease can be so destructive at times. Some people who have heart disease and who are totally unaware of the fact experience catastrophic heart attacks. They sometimes die from these attacks, too. This sadly takes away the opportunity to make vital adjustments.

Life Line screening tests can assist people who want to be aware of health matters. People who receive screening tests often carefully ponder their existences. They frequently think about what they can do to make their time on this planet last a lot longer. This is precisely what makes them think twice about their daily diet plans. It makes them consider their lifestyles in general, too. Most people want to do anything they can to stay alive, healthy and lively for as long as possible. Life is a precious gem. Life Line screening tests can be gifts for people. They can function as wake-up calls as well.

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Why North Carolinians are Thankful for Imran Haque

Horizon Medical Center is a chain of medical facilities offering family practice services, located in the North Carolinian cities of Ramseur and Asheboro. This leading rural group of medical practices was created by Imran Haque, a well-known doctor that serves rural areas of the Tar Heel state.

Dr. Imran Haque started working in North Carolina in 2001, after he spent eight years in two postsecondary educational institutions and three years completing a residency in internal medicine. Dr. Imran Haque enjoys internal medicine, nearly identical to that of family practice, in which he’s able to see how his patients and their families progress over the years, the vast majority of which feel secure with him as their primary care provider. Dr. Haque has tons of positive reviews across the Internet regarding his carefulness, tendency to be gentle with patients of all ages, and a wide range of knowledge in treating illnesses and ultimately making patients feel better.

With more than fifteen years of practical experience in the field of medicine, Imran Haque is an undeniably seasoned practitioner. He sees hundreds of unique patients each and every year, most of which stick with Imran Haque over the years, trusting his many medical services provided.

Imran Haque first attended UNIBE, short for Universidad Iberoamericana, in the Caribbean islands, just southeast from the southernmost tip of the United States of America. He started in 1994, graduating on time in 1998 with a medical degree with highest honors. Dr. Imran Haque nearly immediately found that he would attend the University of Virginia to learn how to practice internal medicine, one of the best schools in the Southeast.

Imran Haque enjoys providing cosmetic services to patients, including Botox injections, dermal fillers, and removal of unsightly, pesky hairs. This popular doctor also offers medical weight loss to help patients be more healthy.



Renown to open new clinic

Renown Health is opening a new private family practice clinic in Summit Mall located in South Reno. This not-for-profit healthcare network is expanding their hold in Reno. Since they are a not-for-profit network, any earnings stay within the clinic and are reinvested into the medical practices. The new clinic in Summit mall will have primary care and lab services with plans to expand in the near future.

Dr. McCormack, medical director, explained in a recent interview that the clinic was designed to be comfortable and inviting. He wanted patients to feel like they were going into their own living room. They have plans to add other services and rooms, like a conference rooms for doctors to conference with patients. The Renown leadership is waiting to add services due to the potential impact of Donald Trump on the health care market. The clinic will have an original staff of 11 with the plans of adding one more primary care physician and one more nurse practitioner in the future.

The decision to add a clinic was made by Dr. McCormack based on the growing population of Truckee Meadows, improving economy, and increasing access to health care. All these factors help to increase the demand for a primary care clinic in the region. This network now includes over 12 primary care clinics in the Reno-Sparks, Carson City, and Fallon area.

Renown Health is a private, local not-for-profit healthcare network in the Reno area. They use the profits to reinvest in the community and their practice to better serve the local area. Their purpose is to serve the needs of their community. The dollars earned by Renown clinics stay in the area. They work hard to ensure that the money stays in the community. Over 150 members of the community serve on the board.

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