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Marc Sparks Insights onto Effective Investor Presentation

Over the years, Mark Sparks has nurtured many startup businesses. In an article posted on, SparksÕ talks about what he looks for from candidates who want to sell their ideas to venture capitalist like him. First, Sparks suggests that the presenter makes every visual count. This is an important strategy to avoid time wasting because every entrepreneurÕs time is valuable. Secondly, he suggests that the presentation should tell a story. This can be done by outlining what the data means. The presenter should also state what they want to do to be successful. The story can be told more effectively, by including research information and statistics.

Sparks, third point is for presenters keep their presentations simple and easy to scan and understand. To do this, the presenter must avoid complicating things to ensure the message remains focused and to the point. Lastly, the presenter needs to bring the entire team to the presentation table to show the venture capitalist that he or she has a diligent and cohesive team, who proud of their product or service.

About Mark Sparks

Mark Sparks is a renowned philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, author and owner of a Dallas, Texas based private equity firm called Timber Creek LP. The firm specializes in realizing the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy. According to an article by, the company offers; investment capital, office space, equipments and a host of services including customer service, web development and financial and legal advice.

Marks Sparks has also done a lot of work to support various philanthropic causes. His non-profit organization called Sparks Kids has donated hundreds of computers to various kids in America. The other organization that he supports include the Samaritan Inn, which provides shelter to over 150 people and Habitat for Humanity; where he has supported the construction of affordable housing for the needy. Outside his core duties, Sparks is an enthusiastic outdoorsman.