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Life Line Screening and Excellent Lifestyle Adjustments

Cardiovascular diseases kills so many people in the United States on an yearly basis. It kills a shocking 600,000 American people annually. Studies show that heart disease involves roughly 25 percent of all fatalities. Cardiovascular disease kills countless women and men alike all of the time. It’s critical to note, too, that lifestyle problems may come into play. Lifestyle changes may be able to minimize deaths that stem from heart disease. Diet adjustments may be able to minimize them as well.

Preventative screenings may be part of lifestyle tweaks that can help people steer clear of the dangers of heart disease. These tests can be helpful for an array of reasons. They can narrow down potential issues in their earliest phases. They can do this prior to symptoms popping up. They can offer another invaluable advantage, too. These tests can encourage human beings to take health matters a lot more seriously. They can prompt them to adjust their lifestyles and behavioral patterns in order to strengthen wellness and perhaps even longevity. People who want to be alive and happy for as long as possible, because of that, may want to consider investing in regular preventative screening tests.

People frequently say that heart disease kills individuals in a quiet manner. It’s not unheard of for people to be 100 percent oblivious about the fact that they’re walking around with cardiovascular disease. This is troubling. People who have heart disease are in many cases devoid of problematic symptoms for a long while. That’s the reason cardiovascular disease can be so destructive at times. Some people who have heart disease and who are totally unaware of the fact experience catastrophic heart attacks. They sometimes die from these attacks, too. This sadly takes away the opportunity to make vital adjustments.

Life Line screening tests can assist people who want to be aware of health matters. People who receive screening tests often carefully ponder their existences. They frequently think about what they can do to make their time on this planet last a lot longer. This is precisely what makes them think twice about their daily diet plans. It makes them consider their lifestyles in general, too. Most people want to do anything they can to stay alive, healthy and lively for as long as possible. Life is a precious gem. Life Line screening tests can be gifts for people. They can function as wake-up calls as well.

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Life Line Screening on a Mission to Bring Advanced Bone Density Screening to the Americans

The technology advancement in the healthcare sector has made some significant changes in the way how the treatment is being provided. In the recent years, preventive healthcare has got greater attention due to accurate, scientific, and efficient screening and medication using the advancement of technology innovation. This is what Life Line Screening, a prominent preventive healthcare and screening provider in the United States, is efficiently utilizing the advanced screening and medication options. Recently, the company announced its plans to come up with most-modern bone density screening choices for the people of America by collaborating with Bone Index, Ltd – a leader in medical devices making.

Life Line Screening identified that undiagnosed osteoporosis is a major healthcare challenge across the world. While coming to the United States, it causes nearly two million broken bones per year that costs more than $19 billion in healthcare expenses. A forecast done by medical experts points out that it would bet $25.3 billion by 2025. The biggest challenge in the area is limited early diagnosis options as bone density scans are generally performed in hospitals equipped with DXA X-ray machines, which is highly expensive for the people.

Dr. OssiRiekkinen, the Chief Executive of Bone Index, confirms that this is where Bindex® becomes a real game changer in osteoporosis treatment delivery. He added that Life Line Screening is a leader in wellness and health services in the country with over 15,000 screening events, and that includes ultrasound screening for bone density and vascular disease. The VP of Business Development at Life Line Screening, Kelly Daubach, says that its collaboration with Bone Index helps the wellness screening provider to facilitate convenient and more accurate bone density screening for the people. He also claimed that no other healthcare screening provider could offer safer, accurate, and simplified tests for osteoporosis.

Interestingly, Bindex® is a point-of-care device that screens the cortical bone density of the tibia. Later, the algorithm set in the system calculates the Bone Density Index, which is a parameter in deciding the bone mineral density at the butt measured with DXA. Additionally, Bindex® is a system that holds 19 patents in countries around the world including Japan, China, the United States, and many European countries. Dr. Riekkinen confirmed that Bindex is a widely accepted system across the globe, and it was used in the osteoporosis screening campaign conducted in Finland – the biggest campaign in the world. He continued that Bindex is happy to join hands with Life Line to improve the quality life of Americans.

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