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Desiree Perez Keeps Things Interesting at Roc Nation

Desiree Perez knows the art of contract negotiation better than anyone. She has been successful in getting artists that are part of the Roc Nation family great deals. This is what Jay Z need. He needed someone that could go in and negotiate like they were negotiating a contract for themselves. This is exactly how people like Desiree Perez approaches contract. Desiree Perez has run her own club business before so she knows a lot about contract negotiations.

When the Live Nation deals were going into negotiation for contracts Desiree Perez took it personal. She treated every contract negotiation like she was pleading for a deal for herself, and this passion allowed her to get great deals in the works for artists like Rihanna. Desiree Perez has proven that she is a valuable resource when it comes to this type of environment, and people in the business world cannot overlook the presence that she has in the world of sports and music.

Desiree Perez has done a magnificent job of keeping up with these different aspects of business, and no one can deny that she is a powerhouse that is perfect for Roc Nation. Jay-Z has been a longtime friend to Desiree Perez, and he knew what her skill-set was. He was aware of that she was able to take on with multiple jobs where she handled a bevy of different things and more

Desiree Perez has not let him down. Millions of dollars have been made with contracts that have been set up for the Live Nation concerts. The concerts are big because everyone may not be able to attend, but there are things in the works to stream some of these live concerts. This is where Desiree Perez puts on her negotiation skills to work for the Roc Nation roster.

Desiree Perez shaking ‘the world of men’

Desiree Perez has been the role model of many in Music industry. Her successes exceed her name. She is admired by her peers since she has proved herself worthy leader in a place where men are considered the only ones able to maneuver the storm that comes with it.

Desiree is associated with major milestones that Roc Nation music recording company has made ever since it was launched in 2008. Now it is the most reputable label in music industry with prominent names like Meek Mill, Rihanna, Fat Joe, under its history. Roc Nation is owned by icon rapper Jay Z.  Additional reading on

Perez is well known for her business leadership in SC Enterprises and other Carter’s (Jay Z) business activities where she leads different deals in negotiations. She is well known for her charisma and exotic negotiating skills where she has helped Roc Nation and its associates win big in this game. Perez is reported to have been in forefront when Roc Nation signed a multimillion dollar deal way back in 2008 which is yet to be renewed, also with her help.

Rihanna recently negotiated a $25 million for her anti tour sponsoring deal with Samsung Company with the help of Desiree Perez. She has also been instrumental in Rihanna’s commercial modeling and as performing artist where she provides guidance and limelight in business world.  Click on for additional reading.

Roc Nation’s sports wing has been crucial player in lives of those its sponsors. The likes of boxing icon Andre Ward, and Miguel Cotto, football players Geno Smith, and Dez Bryant among others have had superb deals in sports arena, thanks to Desiree Perez expertise.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree is married to Juan Perez, the head of Roc Nation Sport. She was born and raised in New York. She is a member of Hova Circle, a group of shrewd managers that runs Roc Nation’s activities. Check

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Besides the challenges music industry faces, Perez has shown a determined character and desire to win. Although it is easy to appreciate what we see such as the success of an artist, we should not forget the team behind his/her success.  For timeline update, visit her page.

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