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Universal Music Group Expresses an Interest in Buying Roc Nation

In 2008 Jay Z signed a $150M contract deal with Live Nation. As the maturity date of the contract fast approaches, Jay Z has expressed an interest in taking on new partners at Roc Nation. Buying into Roc Nation now would be a fantastic investment move, experts argue. In 2018, these investors could either sell off their stake a Roc Nation at a profit or buy more shares. Roc Nation is home to multi-platinum selling artists like Meek Mill, Shakira, and Rihanna.

Jay Meets UMG’s Bosses

Under the 360 deal, Live Nation used to buy Jay Z’s recorded music rights and support his tours. Live Nation doesn’t deal with Jay Z’s recorded music anymore. However, Live Nation hasn’t pulled out of working on Jay Z’s tours. Paparazzi recently snapped Jay and Desiree Perez coming out of a meeting at Universal Music Group’s studios in Santa Monica, California.  Check for related article

Desiree Perez aka Cookie

Desiree is a brilliant negotiator. She’s helped Rihanna to negotiate a multi-million dollar advertising deal with Samsung. For her recent timeline activities, click on Desiree is thought to be the inspiration behind Cookie’s character in the TV hit series, Empire. Rumors emerged that Universal Music Group was in the process of buying a piece of Roc Nation. Refer to this link for added article

Future of Tidal

Such a deal could be the best thing to happen to Jay Z. The Brooklyn-born Sean Carter could use the extra millions to sign up more artists to his recording stable and music streaming platform, Tidal. Anonymous UMG insiders later confirmed those allegations. The source said UMG was more than excited to get to partner up with the ‘phenomenal’ Jay Z, according to a post on Page Six.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree’s professional relationship Jay Z spans back a whopping 20 plus years. Des is greatly admired and respected in the music industry for her loyalty and achievements. She’s an iron-lady who works tirelessly to deliver fantastic results for all her star clients. Beyoncé wouldn’t have landed the lucrative Formation stadium tour were it not for Desiree.  For more updates from Desiree, visit her page.

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