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Working To Improve Digital Reputations In So. California

Status Labs recently opened an office in Culver City, California. Status Labs is a reputation management company that serves both individuals and organizations, and there has been a rise in demand for services like theirs in the Los Angeles area. Company CEO Darius Fisher believe that his firm has the best capabilities and connections to serve technology and entertainment clients in the area. Spencer Blye, who was hired to be the business development director, says he is excited to help the company grow on the west coast. Blye also has experience working with companies such as Unilever, Sonos and Verizon.

Darius Fisher feels that Blye’s digital and PR experience will help the company meet the needs of their Los Angeles clients.

Status Labs uses many different methods of maintaining their clients’ online reputations, including perfecting the way they look in search results and on social media.

Darius Fisher, president and co-founder of Status Labs, envisioned the company’s strategy and put it into place by building partnerships. Before Status Labs, he graduated from Vanderbilt University and worked as a political consultant and copywriter.

Fisher believes that the biggest mistake made by executives is not investing in their online reputations, which leaves them vulnerable to a unfavorable digital reputation. Status Labs works to create and promote new content that will be shown when a search is performed. Fisher says that by doing this, he’s giving his clients a change to tell their side of their story online, rather than having only the side the media covered shown.

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