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Securus Technologies’ Digital Fight against Crime

Securus Technologies which is currently the leading civil right and criminal justice advocate recently made a publication on the comments from their clients. It uses technology to combat and solve the issues which are related to crimes in various parts of the world. By using technology, Securus Technologies uses technology to research about crimes and offer preventive and control measures with the aim of eradicating them. The comments are essential for the company for they create a way to follow when enhancing the services offered by the company.


The comments


The comments included in this section are from people and companies from different parts of the markets served by Securus Technologies. Majorly, the officials who have the duty of ensuring that the rate of crimes is reduced in most parts of the world are the beneficiaries of the services provided by the Securus Technologies. Some of the crime control officials reported that they are impressed with the fact that Securus comes with new ideas that are aimed at mitigating the crime rates on a weekly basis.


1st Comment


The comment from a company, whose name is confidential, stated that they are grateful for the services offered by the Securus Technologies for they were able to use it on the phone to track the search warrant on a corrupt staff member. They were able to track the staff and have him arrested, courtesy of the services offered by Securus Technologies.


2nd Comment


A penitentiary was able to use the services offered by Securus to identify the alcohols and drugs that were being sold by an inmate in the facility. This was great for it helped to reduce the level of crime among the inmates.



The correction and rehabilitation facilities have always looked for the reliable methods to curb and eradicate crime. Through Securus Technologies, there will be a great reduction in the rates of crime in various parts of the world in the very near future.


Securus Technologies: Winning Gold in Prison Tech

Securus Technologies should probably be known as Securus, Texas: founded in Dallas, but regional offices based in Carrollton, Allen, and an added bonus outside the Lone Star state in Atlanta, Georgia. The company does best what American prison systems sorely need: advanced prison technology. And it ensures it excels in creation investing more than “$600 million in technologies, patents and acquisitions” in a short amount of time…3 years!


I’m going to be bold and claim that Securus can and possibly will be the biggest provider of prison technology reputably for the entire country. Eventually it will need offices in multiple states, not simply alone in the Lone Star with distant operations in Atlanta. I don’t want to get too in over my head so soon, but…



Securus Wins a Gold Stevie


In a PR Newswire article the writer identifies Securus Technologies as a “leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring.”


It won a Gold Stevie Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department category in the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. We should all know by now that what makes a great company is not just great products or services, but how those things solve problems for the consumer. The award should come as no surprise. Successful transactions of the prison technology and many acquisitions by Securus Tech is enough evidence that the sales force works hard to dominate in it’s industry.


To win a Gold Stevie is no easy feat; and the fact that Securus took it home in the 11th annual is a testament to their persistence for excellence. The Stevie Award article was written on March 8th, 2017. It will not be too long before Securus Tech becomes “the” number one provider and the “only” provider. If there is other competition in existence to rise in prison tech, then competitors success is bleak like an old man eyeing parole serving his last days in a life sentence.

Honoring Those Who Help

There are few callings more important than that of law enforcement. Although they are not always respected by everyone, the work that they do is critical to allowing us all to live happier and safer lives. Of course, they do not do this work alone. There are plenty of companies and others who help them out along the way. Consider for example the company known as Securus Technologies.


Securus is great because they provide much of the technology that is used for monitoring within the prison walls. There are phone calls made every day from prison, and the officers need to be able to monitor what is being said on those calls. Cell phones and other devices are a very serious problem within prisons, and having a monitored phone system can help cut down on some of this problem.


When asked about how Securus has helped them out in their jobs personally, many officers were happy to share their stories. They told tales of being able to stop crimes in progress or even collect information about things that have already happened. This was only possible of course because they had the monitoring technology to back them up.


One law enforcement official even went so far as to credit Securus with helping to catch a corrupt member of law enforcement. Some wrong things were being said by the officer to others and this was all captured within the Securus system. As such, appropriate actions were able to be taken to stop future problems with this person.


These are just a few of the reasons why Securus is so important and deserving of our applause. They are still working to create even more technologies which may help officers even better into the future. Keep an eye out for what they will be rolling out in the future.


Securus Technologies is working to make the world a safer place

The ways in which technology has helped solve crimes in modern day would not have been possible decades ago. With every new wireless technology device being created a suspect leaves more clues. We often leave digital footprints without even realizing it. All kinds of posts on social media and text messages reveal locations, times and clues as to who suspects most reliable contacts are.


Securus Technologies is a global leader in producing technology to help public safety officials watch over inmates, find more clues during an investigation, and help prevent crimes by monitoring areas. Lots of cameras and sensors can help warn someone if a crime is likely to happen before it actually does.


There have been a number of positive comments from clients. They have said that their technology has helped prevent and solve crimes and prevent inmate altercations. They have a whole stack of letters from companies around the world thanking Securus Technologies for making their work environment a better place. Richard Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said that the company is working to send out a new product every week for prison officials and police personnel.


Day by day Securus Technologies gets thousands of emails about their new products and great ideas for keeping the world a safer place. Even inmates and their family members have commented.


Securus Technologies headquarters is located in Texas and has worked with over 300,000 different law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. Over one million inmates have used the companies technology or has been monitored by it. Securus technologies is dedicated to providing critical response to all potential crimes.


The company also helps with investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management and inmate services. To learn more about all of the technology solutions that are offered by Securus Technologies visit their website.