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Boraie Development Commits Resources to Restore New Jersey’s Real Estate Sector

According to an article published through, New Jersey has the highest number of residential mortgages that are extremely delinquent and are in foreclosure. Consequently, the real estate market in the state is trailing the rest of the country. However, all hope is not lost. New Jersey has been experiencing a decrease in the number and rate of foreclosures, implying that the market is slowly looking up and changing. These changes can be attributed to stringent post-crisis events, increased rates of employment, increased formation of households, and gains in home prices. This positive trend points to an industry determined to solve home shortages and also tackle the affordability aspect.


Demand and Supply


The article which can also be found on also indicates that the prices of homes in New Jersey are set to appreciate. This is because the New Jersey real estate sector is set to take off. The state has a high demand of homes compared to supply. Additionally, some of the bottlenecks that were preventing the real estate industry in the state from growing are slowly being resolved. Consequently, real estate developers have been challenged to come up with more housing since the area is densely populated. Home buyers in New Jersey are, therefore, looking forward to a boom in housing within the state. People are especially attracted to towns along the New Jersey Transit station.


Boraie Development


New Jersey real estate development companies such as Boraie Development are working tirelessly to improve the real estate sector in New Jersey. According to the firm’s website, Boraie Development deals in real estate development, property management, and property sales and marketing. The firm works together with reliable business partners ranging from financial institutions, architects, contractors dedicated to delivering project results in a timely manner. The company develops residential properties which pay keen attention to architectural design and amenities. Consequently, the firm is a leader in the industry having developed more than one million square feet of residential properties since establishment. All housing projects handles by the company focus on innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to help buyers meet their housing needs.


Track Record


The company’s crunchbase page outlines that Boraie Development has been working in the real estate sector for more than three decades. The company’s development track record has made it one of the most sought after real estate companies in the state. To ensure all its projects are completed on time, the firm uses private funding sources from its own capital and funding from large commercial banks as primary funding for all its projects. Boraie Development has over the years worked on developing real estate properties that attract tenants, residents, and financial partners to ensure the projects are a success.