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The Colorful Entrepreneurial Life of Doe Deere

Doe Deere, or Xenia Vorotova, is a Russian-born entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, California who has made a huge impact to the society when she introduced makeup products with bright and vivid colors to a lot of consumers online.

How Her Company Started

‘Lime Crime’ was initially the username Doe Deere used in 2004 to register to the eBay website where she sold the fashionable garbs that she had sewn and modeled on her own. In order to provide the potential clients with ideas on how to look great with the clothes she create, Doe often worn radiantly colored cosmetics to complete the appearance. During the same time, she realized that makeup companies rarely produce colorful beautifying items. And that was the reason why in 2008, Deere founded her own company, Lime Crime, where she currently serves as the CEO.

How She Generates New Products

Doe’s fundamental rule is to allow the designs of brand-new cosmetics to enter her mind naturally. The process may take weeks or months, but when a concept does come, she and her entire team act on it on automatic. Other than going to meetings with her staff, Deere personally supervises the laboratory work as well in order to ascertain that there will be no glitches in the manufacturing stage of the products.

Doe Deere does not have make use of ingredients that came from animals either. She is an avid supporter of vegan makeup goods, and her merchandise have the stamp of approval from pro-animal welfare organizations such as Leaping Bunny and PETA for being created without inflicting any harm to the animals.

The Role of Internet to Doe Deere’s Business

Lime Crime is one of the companies at present that does not rely on a physical store to gain or retain clients. Instead, Doe Deere markets the company’s merchandise through a virtual space, as it creates a more satisfying interaction between them and the consumers.

According to Doe, this way of brand advertising did not receive a vote of confidence from many seasoned entrepreneurs because women – her target demographic – traditionally like going to beauty counters to try the cosmetics on rather than view them on paper. She worked around this obstacle, however, and invented the on-lip swatch in which they apply the lipstick on an actual model to give online clients a closer look of the product. It became a trend that a lot of companies soon recreated.

What Helps Her Brand Succeed

The beauty items that Doe Deere craft appeal to the color-loving people since, first and foremost, the brand owner only stands behind merchandise that she appreciates and believes in. In addition, before a specific makeup gets released on the market, Deere makes it a personal duty to test it on herself for several days to ensure that the intensity of the color and the quality of the materials utilized to generate the cosmetics pass her own standards. This simply shows how involved she is in every procedure that her products go through.

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Empowering Woman and Investor Malini Saba

Malini Saba was born to Sri Lankan parents in Malaysia. She was just 19 years old when she moved to the United States. She was very poor and had just $200 to her name to survive. Malini and her husband at the time, rented an apartment while they got an education at the Stanford University Campus.


Malini was very interested in the investment business and even asked bankers for advice. Although very poor at the time, Malini learned to save her money and slowly began to invest in telecommunications and real estate. With hard work and passion for the business, she has become one of the world’s top women investors and philanthropists of South Asian Origin. She is also the Chairman of a company named Saban. Saban is a company that preserves investment interests worldwide, this includes oil and gas properties in China, real estate ventures in Australia and India, as well as technology companies in the United States. Besides all of her impressive accomplishments, Malini takes part in charity work and has donated $1 million to kick start the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asian people. In addition, she visited the Tsunami ravaged areas in India and Sri Lanka and donated $10 million to the victims of the tragedy in the island nation. You can also view photos of her venture in India and Sri Lanka on her official website.


Saba was also passionate in being a philanthropist, she started “Stree: Global Investments in Women,” an organization that was non=profit and aimed at changing women’s roles in society. She began her investment career as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist in the 1990s, where she had extensive experience investing in highly known technology companies such as PayPal Inc., and Netscreen Technologies Inc. Malini Saba is an inspirational woman to many and living proof that with hard-work and dedication, you can make a difference in both your life and other’s lives. Starting off as a poor young woman, Malini turned her life around and became a multi-millionaire, who had also helped thousands of people in the process, by the time we she was 34.

Lime Crime Makeup Is Arrestingly Beautiful

When it comes to great makeup, it’s the color and quality of each palette that counts, and that’s where Lime Crime and Doe Deere excel.

Makeup that offers something different always stands out, and Lime Crime is nothing like you’ve ever worn before. Just ask any of the company’s 2 million-plus new Instagram followers, and you will find brand loyalty and some of the most beautiful, highly pigmented shades on the planet. Lime Crime fans send their creatively stunning cosmetics selfies to Lime Crime’s Instagram and the online shopping website

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a beige palette like the ones traditional cosmetics companies always sell, but Doe Deere created a makeup line that offers women a lot more. If you adore vibrant colors that go beyond the rainbow, then Lime Crime is your brand. Each wild color is highly pigmented and stays put whether it’s a lipstick, shadow or liner.

Doe Deere established her independent makeup company in 2008, because frankly, she could not hunt down enough palettes with bold, beautiful shades. Doe Deere always played with bright colors, even as a child growing up in Russia. These days, she finds that her candy-colored hair in lilac goes perfectly with Lime Crime makeup and the exciting fashion she likes to wear.

Lime Crime is not for the wallflower, but if you are one, when you put on Doe Deere’s makeup, it’s quite transformational. It’s makeup with an edge or buzz, and you will be noticed. Doe Deere wants her makeup to inspire self-expression with individual ideas of what is beautiful.

Social media plays a major role in the brand, as Doe Deere believes that an interactive audience is not only great for business, but as a powerful tool for today’s culture and society. Lime Crime is not only a commanding presence on Instagram but highly visible on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Lime Crime offers some of the best lipsticks on the planet with gorgeous shades like blue, yellow, squash, brick, green, black, cement and so much more. This ain’t your mama’s makeup collection, thank goodness.

Lime Crime has been described as fearless, and when you’re wearing a sexy shade of red shadow from the cult favorite Venus Grunge palette, you’re taking cosmetics to a whole new level.

Doe Deere is also one who believes in giving back, donating to numerous charities that help children women and animals.

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Remarkable Woman At Work: Helane Morrison

Throughout her career Helane Morrison has made a major impact in public life. A Brooklyn native, she earned an undergraduate degree at Northwestern and went on to Berkeley Law. After working as a law clerk in the 7th circuit of the US Court of Appeals, Morrison went on to clerk for left-leaning Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. With this experience under her belt, Morrison went on work for a private practice, in the area of corporate law. She showed great leadership, and a willingness to dig out corruption in finance.

It was only a matter of time before Helane Morrison was approached about serving the public. She landed at the San Francisco office of the SEC. In her role there, Morrison worked to protect people and businesses from fraud. She also maintained a high standard of fairness and ethics. Morrison was a star in her role; she handled fraud cases involving executives who others considered untouchable. She took on big businesses, including Ernst and Young and American Amicable. In addition, she took on smaller cases that got less attention from the media, often involving the protection of senior citizens from fraud. After serving the public with such determination and toughness, Morrison made the decision to return to the private sector.

Now, in her role as chief compliance officer at Hall Capital, Helane Morrison is helping to lead one of the only financial companies in the US run by women. Morrison, along with Sarah Stein, and Kathryn Hall seek to revolutionize their industry. Having noticed that the most successful women are flexible and resilient, these three have sought to foster these qualities in their firm. For example, the office has an open plan; this is a sharp contrast to the closed office and conference room doors at most financial companies. Open doors and open interaction are one way in which they hope to increase transparency, and regain the trust that the finance business lost after the 2008 financial crisis.

Helane Morrison has gained recognition for her ethics, conviction, and devotion to fairness. In the public and private sector, she has shown that she can shine in the face of any challenge. As her career continues, she has shown that she is still evolving and helping to lead the way to a better business world.

Doe Deere Speaks Out on Fashion Rules

Does it pay to follow “the rules” when it comes to beauty? In the view of Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, no it doesn’t. Deere is an entrepreneur who’s made her name by establishing her own style and making her rules up as she goes. For Deere, it’s all about looking good and feeling good about how you look. That’s why she’s fond of breaking and bending any hard and fast rules on beauty. Here’s a few she often breaks.

1, Don’t Wear Socks With Sandals.
In the high fashion world, wearing socks with sandals might be an “out there” concept, but Deere breaks this rule often, and she makes it look great. She coordinates her socks with the look of her skirt, combining color accents that look fabulous. It’s a bit of a school girl look that can be charming when worn with confidence.

2. Just Play up the Lips or the Eyes with Makeup, Not Both.
After all, great beauties like Elizabeth Taylor were known to wear killer eye and lip colors together. For Deere, it’s all about using finesse when making up the eyes, and coordinating the eye shadow tones with the lip color so they enhance each other.

3. Wear Neutral Color If Your Hair is An Unnatural Color.
Doe Deere isn’t one to live in a black and white world, so this rule doesn’t work for her. Although a neutral look can be fabulous with purple hair, that hair color can also look great with color combinations that play off its bold appeal.

Women today need to make their own rules as far as their fashion and beauty life goes.

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