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IAP WorldWide Services Does More Than Just Help Customers

IAP offers worldwide services to many different customers. These customers comprise of governments, small facilities, and even individuals. Though IAP takes great pride in being the leader of IT services worldwide, they take more pride in what they do for people whom are not customers.

One of the amazing programs that stems from IAP is for veterans all around the world. Veterans do not get charged at all if they ever need IT services from this company. Furthermore, this company seeks to speedily respond to veterans first before traditional customers. Even better, IAP donates money every single year to help veterans in dozens of countries on IAP has a strong desire to have a station in majorities of cities throughout the world in the next few years. They believe they will be able to help more veterans once this takes place.

In addition to helping veterans, IAP Worldwide Services also helps many different communities in a variety of ways. For example, they raise money every single year and send dozens of kids to well-known colleges. They also have multiple food drives throughout the year. They love taking care of those with no food and those with nothing at all.

In addition to this, representatives from this IT company speak at various schools throughout the year. They teach children what it is like to work for an IT company. They also stress to children how important it is to help the local community in any way possible. Many times students will also get a free lesson in self-defense or something similar.

IAP additionally treats all of their employees with the highest level of respect. They make sure all employees start with a decent amount of pay, and there are two to three raises every single year. Employees working for this company also have access to amazing healthcare, paid vacations, tuition reimbursement, and so much more.

This is one of the only companies that do not hire people based off political association on Cortera. They hire people that really want the job and really want to work hard. This company is even responsible for sending several employees to school every year and these employees do not have to pay a dime for their education. The owners of this IT service believe it is hard to help people within the community without helping people within their company first. This is why they do so much for all their employees.

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The History and Development of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a premier global provider of advanced professional and technical services, facilities management as well as global-scale logistics. In more than sixty years, the company has been offering a broad range of solutions and services to various parties such as international government organizations as well as the United States. IAP Worldwide also provides emergency response in times of disaster or war.

IAP’s History

Currently, IAP Worldwide represents the evolution of a group of innovative companies, which came together through acquisition. Throughout the years since Johnson Controls, Inc. acquired Pan Am World Services, the name has been changing. The Pan Am World Services acquisition led to the formation of the Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. Later in 2005, IAP bought Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. From this acquisition, IAP Worldwide Services was formed, which completed its recapitalization and restructuring in 2014 under a new management team.

IAP Worldwide’s Progress

Throughout its existence, IAP has managed to gain experience in planning, coordinating and implementing complex technical and logistical challenges. Further, it offers services such as maintenance, management, and operation of remote research laboratories, civilian facilities as well as military installations regardless of the size.

Three primary lines of business characterize IAP Worldwide’s operations including the Professional and technical services, base operations support services as well as global operations and logistics. In addition, it boasts of over 2,000 employees based in more than 110 regions in over 25 nations across the global divide such as Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. However, its headquarters are situated in Cape Canaveral, FL.

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Recent Acquisition Efforts

Late last year, IAP Worldwide Services Inc. revealed the acquisition of two primary business divisions from DRS Technologies, Inc. The two business units included the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions and the Aviation and Logistics situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, and Oklahoma City, OK respectively. Currently, IAP is making an effort to integrate the two businesses into its newest unit and existing one, which include Aviation & Engineering Solutions and National Security Programs unit respectively.

A&L business unit offers aircraft mission support services, logistics, and repair management. On the other hand, the TCNA business provides communication, engineering and information technology support to various entities such as United States Department of Defense among other agencies. IAP acquired the two units in expectation that it would double its addressable market size as well promote the type of services IAP Worldwide Services offers to its clients around the world.

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