Fabletics Takes the World By Storm with Help from Kate Hudson

To date there has been a limited number of companies out there that have been able to promote an item that is actually being used by the person endorsing it. There are a few celebrities out there who do use the item they are selling but that number is very small. For Kate Hudson, when she was approached about endorsing something, she knew it had to be something she would use herself. That is why Fabletics was the choice for her.


Kate Hudson knew nothing about business prior to becoming involved with Fabletics. When she was approached by TechStyle, she knew that it would be a huge success. Before then, all athletic wear that was on the market were dull, black or grey. There was no athletic wear that was on the market that was stylish. TechStyle knew that they wanted to change that and with Kate Hudson promoting it, the brand was bound to be successful.


When approached by the company, Kate knew that she needed a company who had experience in funding and that knew about the fashion world online. The company also needed to have resources which is why TechStyle was the best choice.


Kate Hudson is someone who is approachable. She is easy going and isn’t a serious individual. She likes to have fun but spends her time focused on the healthy lifestyle. She works out religiously and this makes the clothes that much more desirable. That is why the company is so well liked and at the top of the market for workout gear.


Fabletics offers its members the ability to take the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz is designed to help individuals learn what the best style is for their workout gear. The quiz is aimed to help people to choose the best outfit for them and to remember their choices for future orders. This allows people to keep track of the choices that they like and to order the same outfit more than once. A personal shopper is the next best thing to this quiz.


Now that Fabletics has taken off, the company has opened a number of retail stores but continues to make the sales through the use of online shops like Amazon. Online orders are where Fabletics sells the most however since the opening of their retail stores, more people are shopping for the workout gear. By being able to order online and shopping in stores, Fabletics is a major competitor for athletic wear.

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