Imran Haque Has Provided People in The Greater Ashboro

North Carolina physician, Dr. Imran Haque has garnered a reputation for displaying a great deal of versatility in his practice that has led to quite a devoted and loyal following amongst patients.Over a duration spanning more than a decade and a half, Imran Haque has provided people in the greater Ashboro, North Carolina area with the standard care Internists are known for through services such as physical exams and routine checkups. However, he is unique in that his knowledge and expertise covers a wide array of health maintenance areas including weight management, body shaping, hair removal and diabetes monitoring.

A graduate of the University of the Internal Medicine Program at the University Of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Extension in Roanoke-Salem, Imran Haque is also a Certified Internal Medicine Practitioner in the State of North Carolina.

Because Imran Haque possesses such a vast level of experience and knowledge, his patient base is wide and continues to grow. Haque’s versatility makes him the “go-to” physician for many people. However, as impressed as patients may be by his medical acumen and ability to cure what ails them, the people Imran Haque serves are even more impressed by his “bedside manner.”

The dedicated physician has received a five star (five being the highest) rating in patient testimonials. Patients have offered inspiring remarks complimenting Haque’s willingness to listen to their concerns and answer all questions, his level of compassion, his reassuring demeanor and his ability to simplify complex medical issues and terminology into manageable and understandable concepts. Several more patients have paid Haque the ultimate compliment by emphatically stating that they have no desire to ever see another doctor.

Haque also prides himself on being easily accessible to this devoted patient base. Haque and Horizon Internal Medicine can be followed on well-known and often viewed social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, Horizon maintains a prominent internet presence and can be accessed at

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