Modern Business Practices with Fabletics

The modern business is all about attracting new customers, keeping the regulars happy and innovation. The market is more competitive than ever, and customers want several things from companies. Businesses have to think carefully about their marketing campaigns and the way they conduct the business in general. There are market leaders who seem to have found the right way of ticking all the boxes. Fabletics is a brand that offers its customers easier and better shopping. The company wanted to revolutionize the way people shop, and it changed the online shopping scene when it stepped into the market.


The company was able to grow its revenue more than 200 percent in a short period because they offer customers stylish active wear and they break the stereotypes that existed when the converstaion was about this kind of clothing. It used to be one size only and wearing it didn’t compliment anybody’s look. Fabletics wanted to change that and show people that sportswear can look good and it doesn’t matter what shape, size or age the customer is. It doesn’t matter what amount of exercise they do. There are options for everybody that are individually tailored and that way it is ensured that the clothing will fit.


However, Fabletics also parented up with well-known names. Kate Hudson is a famous actress who actively participated in the creation of Fabletics. She believes the message this company is trying to convey to its clients. She wanted to be there when financial decision meetings took place, and she worked on the marketing campaign as well. Even though Hudson does not hold a degree in business, she learned on the job, spent time and effort on the company and the various aspect it has to cover. It helped her understand the business requirement thoroughly, and Fabletics established a connection with her, and they have precise values they also express to their customers.


One of them is communication. The company follows customer feedback closely and take into account the different aspects of it. Good feedback is also one of the best market drivers for businesses, and it is important that firms understand the importance of it. Social media plays a significant role in the feedback as well since people recommend businesses to each other via different social media outlets. Fabletics put a lot of work into their website as well.


To make the shopping experience easier to start and more pleasant, there is a life quiz people can take to find out what kind of activewear suits their level of activity. It is also a good icebreaker between the company and the customer.


Excellent communication, reliability, and consistency in value are some of the things Fabletics can be proud of and businesses, in general, should take into account in today’s market. Customers notice and appreciate the little things as well as the big things, so it is important to make their experience as effortless as possible. Firms are not just selling products and services. Today they are selling an entire shopping experience.

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