Over A Decade Of Success For Rodrigo Terpins In The Sport Of Rally

There is a long history of sporting success for the Terpins family in many different areas of interest from business through to a range of different sports. The patriarch of the Terpins family, Jack Terpins has spent much of his life building success in the world of business, sports, and as a philanthropist representing many Jewish communities across the planet. The sons of Jack Terpins, Rodrigo, and Michel have also found their own level of sporting success in motorsports with Michel becoming an impressive motorcycle rider.


Rodrigo Terpins is a popular figure in the motorsports sector with a number of impressive races under his belt as a rally driver who recently made a breakthrough in the most difficult rally taking place in Brazil. The Terpins brothers began their racing careers in 2002 when they both began looking for the best possible options in developing a career in motorsports.


According to Comunique-se, over the last four years, Rodrigo Terpins has developed his rally career and found a home with the MEM Team as a driver in the prototype T1 sector that has become one of the most competitive in the motorsports world; Rodrigo Terpins has been working towards taking on the seven stages of the most difficult rally in Brazil consisting of more than 2,000 miles of racing to test the limits of both cars and their drivers.


Rodrigo Terpins partnered with Fabricio Bianchini to complete the rally and as reportermaceio.com reveals, was quick to praise the team assembled around him and Bianchini as they made their way to an eighth place finish in the overall standings. The most impressive aspect of the appearance in the rally of Rodrigo Terpins was the podium finish he achieved in the standings in the prototype T1 category to ensure the rise of the team was of the highest quality over the course of the race.



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