Paul Mampilly: Chief Editor Of Unlimited Profits

Paul Mampilly runs one of the fastest growing financial publications. It’s a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited is owned by Banyan Hill Publishing previously known as the Sovereign Society. The newsletter is only one year old and it has more than subscribers. Many subscribers love the newsletter due to Paul Mampilly’s accessible writing style and intensively researched stock recommendations. Both mainstream and retail investors take advantage of Mampilly’s newsletter. Mampilly describes a majority of his readers as ordinary American citizens who need practical investment advice. Such investors do not find the traditional financial periodicals as accessible. Most of his readers are retirees who need a way to improve their standard of living and growing their pensions. Such types of investors have been underserved by the conventional financial publications, which are excessively fact heavy.

Banyan Hill Publishing and Mampilly have found unique niche of readers which is profitable in the competitive industry of print publications. Mampilly is the editor in chief of the publication which is growing while other financial publications experience a reduction in revenue and fall in subscription numbers. Mampilly has a track record of achieving success while other investors experience uncertainty and bleak futures. During the financial crisis, Mampilly experience record growth while other investors were struggling to stay afloat.

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Mampilly responds to his subscribers’ demands by giving them approachable financial advice that can be implemented quickly by an average investor. He believes his focus on the needs of his readers has been instrumental in the success of the newsletter. Both experienced investors how want to grow their portfolio and individuals with minimal investment experience can benefit from the publication. Paul Mampilly focuses on small companies that are poised for rapid growth and affordable biotechnology stocks.

Profits Unlimited is an entry level newsletter that has a competitive price. Banyan Hill uses a tiered pricing structure with subscribers having the option of accessing digitally or via print. Subscribers also get access to Mampilly’s model portfolio. The portfolio is a list of stocks that Mampilly intends to buy that year. Additionally, every month Mampilly will recommend a company that is on his buy list. Mampilly provides his readers with both low and high price targets that can be used for buying and selling. Subscribers trust Mampilly’s recommendations because he has a record of excellent financial performance and 25 years of investment experience. One his biggest successes was at Kinetics Asset Management where helped the company’s assets grow from $6 billion to $25 billion.

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